Aiye Tambua

Ban all imported frozen chicken

Minister for Agriculture, Aiye Tambua, said that the government announced this last week with advice from the National Agriculture & Quarantine Inspection Authority (NAQIA).

Committees pursue common Interests

Tambua and Garry Juffa, Oro Governor and Chairman of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform and Service Delivery, have pledged to work together.

He thanked outgoing chairman, John Pundari for his efforts to keep the committee active since 2017.

In a joint press statement, both parties highlighted common interests in their committees’ respective missions and outlined their collaboration as follows:

Order to shoot and kill animals


This directive came from the office of the local Member of Parliament Aiye Tambua and from the Manager of the Goroka Town Authority and Urban LLG, Harold Abori a week ago.

This directive came as a public announcement over the local NBC Radio by both the local Member as well as the town Manger.

With the new Goroka market not yet in use, and vendors are still selling their goods in the open, animals have also been let to feed for themselves at the market place.