William Powi

Directional hearing set for 13th Sept

The three-man bench will hear submissions on serious issues raised on August 31st by Powi’s lawyer on the National Court decision declaring a recount of the 2017 Southern Highlands election votes.

One of the issues that will be deliberated on is; if it was proper to hand down a decision outside the jurisdiction of the court.

Trial Judge in the matter, Justice David Cannings had delivered the court decision on August 24th via a video link from Australia.

Powi Speaks Out

In a recent media conference, Powi who was flanked by SHP Provincial Executive Council members, said his lawyers filed an appeal to redress the court order to suspend him from office.

On Tuesday 24 August, the Waigani National Court declared that Powi was not the duly elected Governor for the Southern Highlands Regional seat.

The decision follows an election petition filed by Pastor Bernard Kaku, who finished fourth the 2017 General Elections race.

The ruling was handed down by Justice David Cannings, after a four-year court battle.

Recount for Southern Highlands Regional seat

The ruling was handed down on Tuesday by Justice David Cannings.

The decision comes following an election petition filed by fourth runner up candidate in the 2017 General Elections, Pastor Bernard Kaku.

Pastor Kaku in his petition asked the court for a recount on the grounds that the returning officer Steven Gore Kaupa failed to complete and determine the results of the counting, by prematurely declaring William Powi as the elected member.

K100m for SHP projects

Ialibu-Pangia electorate has been allocated K9.5 million for various projects; K800,000 for  East Pangia High School, K500,000 for Wiru High School, South Wiru cultural and disaster offices getting K100,000 each and Ialibu town market getting K500,000.

Both the Ialibu hospital redevelopment and Ialibu police housing projects will be carried out by Asi Holdings Limited at a cost of K2 million each.

Christmas gift for SHP people

The potato farming project will equip 75 percent of the rural population in SHP as the market is available in Pangia.

Governor Powi allocated K2 million each to five districts to help local farmers plant potatoes and supply them to the Pangia potato chips factory.

The factory requires five container shipments every week and at present, potatoes are being supplied by other provinces.

The SHP Governor is calling on all Southern Highlanders to stop working for others in plantations and come back to their respective electorates to work for themselves.

Parties told to respect court process

The petition has been listed for hearing of a motion on objection to competency on Monday, February 11th.

The petition went for mention before Trial Judge, Justice George Manuhu, today.

He urged all parties to respect the court process, which will deal with the merits of the election dispute and not on threats and intimidations.

Justice Manuhu issued the remarks after it was brought to the court’s attention by one of the parties that ‘threats’ were being issued.

Powi claims security personnel ‘compromised’

Powi claimed that security personnel were compromised in carrying out their duties in upholding the rule of law. 

Powi was issuing his personal apology to the nation in Port Moresby today.

Whilst apologising, he claimed that security personnel who were on ground did not prevent state properties from getting burnt.

“The security personnel were on the ground when the incident happened last Thursday but haven’t done anything to stop these terrorist acts by certain individuals.

Mendi reacts

Reliable sources informed this newsroom that early this afternoon, a group of angry locals, alleged to be supporters of Joseph Kobol, attacked an aircraft belonging to Air Niugini.

Both reports stated that the tyres and propellers to the Dash 8 sustained some damage after which, the aircraft was then set on fire, including Governor Powi’s house in North Kagua.

One source said the mob outnumbered police and army personnel.

The same source said the Court House, Health Department, Education Department offices have also been burnt.

More reports to come.

Petition disputing Powi’s win dismissed

This seat was the first to go to the polls and the last to have its writ returned after a declaration was made in Port Moresby “under special circumstances”.

The Southern Highlands regional seat saw three months of prolonged counting to rejected declaration results, changes in appointments of returning officers and eventually a declaration in Port Moresby on the evening of 27 September 2017, without the alleged completion of the scrutiny process. 

Parlt receives B’ville affairs report

The committee comprising of MPs Joe Sungi, Jim Kas and Dr Allan Marat, travelled to the region in 2016 and 2017 to compile the report.

Its recommendations included: