Powi claims security personnel ‘compromised’

Southern Highlands Governor William Powi has raised concerns as to how security personnel in Mendi have handled the situation, which saw the burning of a Link PNG aircraft, district court house and his residence.

Powi claimed that security personnel were compromised in carrying out their duties in upholding the rule of law. 

Powi was issuing his personal apology to the nation in Port Moresby today.

Whilst apologising, he claimed that security personnel who were on ground did not prevent state properties from getting burnt.

“The security personnel were on the ground when the incident happened last Thursday but haven’t done anything to stop these terrorist acts by certain individuals.

“It seems that the PPC and security personnel have been compromised in carrying out their duties,” stated Powi.

He has now challenged those engaged in the State of Emergency to perform their duties diligently and arrest those who conspired to destroy the government’s properties, including his residence.

Meantime, Governor Powi welcomed Thomas Eluh as SOE controller, saying Eluh must be fair in his tasks.

“I call on Eluh to arrest those who were responsible for the destruction of state properties in Mendi.

“He must not take sides but do his work fairly for the good of Southern Highlands.”

Governor Powi also appealed to his people to refrain from causing any more law and order issues and allow the law to take its full course.

Freddy Mou