Parties told to respect court process

Parties in the election petition, filed by Pastor Bernard Kaku challenging Southern Highlands Governor William Powi’s declaration, have been told to respect the court process.

The petition has been listed for hearing of a motion on objection to competency on Monday, February 11th.

The petition went for mention before Trial Judge, Justice George Manuhu, today.

He urged all parties to respect the court process, which will deal with the merits of the election dispute and not on threats and intimidations.

Justice Manuhu issued the remarks after it was brought to the court’s attention by one of the parties that ‘threats’ were being issued.

Parties have been given until Friday to file their response to an amended notice of motion, which is an objection challenging the competency of the petition filed by Kaku.

Hearing of that motion is expected on Monday, if all parties comply to directions issued in court today to have their responses filed by Friday close of business.

This is one of two election petitions that were filed disputing William Powi’s declaration in the 2017 General Elections.

Pastor Bernard Kaku, just like the other petitioner, Joseph Kobol; is disputing whether or not the Electoral Commission lawfully declared Powi as the as duly elected governor in the Southern Highlands Regional seat.

Meantime, an application seeking leave to file a slip rule application is before the Supreme Court involving the same parties.

William Powi filed the Slip Rule application after the Supreme Court in November last year refused to dismiss the petition.

The application is yet to be heard.

Powi filed the application on the grounds that Kaku failed to file affidavits for trial, as ordered by the court. However it was dismissed as an extension of time was given to the petitioner to file.

Sally Pokiton