William Powi

Court: SHP regional counting must continue

This was the ruling of the court after incumbent MP, William Powi, went to court, asking it to stop counting progressing to the quality check stage and prevent elimination from starting until 84 rejected ballot boxes, kept in Mendi, are taken to Mt Hagen for counting.

Powi’s lawyer went to court seeking the interim orders which were refused. The Southern Highlands regional seat is one of the only two outstanding electorates where the writs are yet to be returned, despite being one of the first provinces to go to the polls.

Candidates slam misreporting

Jerry Kiwa, Ps Bernard Paul and Joe Kobol say media plays an important role in disseminating information and must respect its editorial guidelines of reporting facts and balanced stories.

The leaders’ comment came after a wide publication on radio, television and the two daily papers that 5 men were killed over an election riot in Mendi last Friday.

Candidates urged to control violence

He said this following continued clashes in Mendi, allegedly by supporters of Powi and Kobol, which have resulted in several deaths and destruction of property.

In a statement, Baki said ongoing fights and killings are not solutions for election related disputes.

“Leaders must take ownership of the situation and actively and positively contribute towards peace and normalcy,” said Baki.

Declaration of Southern Highlands Provincial seat invalid

Powi is a People’s National Congress Party candidate defending his seat in the 2017 National Election.

“I rejected the declaration because they have yet to reach the absolute majority mark,” Gamato told Loop PNG this afternoon.  

He added that counting must first be completed before a winner can be declared.  

However, Powi and Provincial Returning Officer Jacob Kurap in a media conference today claimed the declaration was valid and in line with the Organic Laws of Provincial and Local Level Government Elections.

Meet me at the elections: Powi

He has instructed his lawyers to file law suit against the media house and the candidate who made malicious statements against him.

Regional candidate for Southern Highlands,  Joseph Kobol in a media conference on Tuesday raised allegations against Powi on misuse of funds.

Kobol said he filed a complaint in 2013 stating alleged misuse of public funds intended for projects which never translated on ground.

The money, he says, is part of the K45 million break-up of petroleum funds allocated and released for Southern Highlands.

Thousands witness PNC members’ nominations

Komal and Powi are contesting under the People's National Congress (PNC) party.

Party leader and Prime Minister Peter O'Neill will be endorsing them.

PNC currently has 55 MPs in the coalition and will be doing its best to return its candidates.

Police Barracks for Kagua

Kagua Erave is known for its notoriety and when the provincial government set out its priorities, it prioritised law and order for this district.

The barracks, built at a cost of 10 million kina was opened on Wednesday.

And that’s not all, a K2 million district office complex was also opened. This building was also funded by the provincial government.

A total of K20.5 million will have been invested in this district by the provincial government by the end of this parliament term.

A road after 40 plus years

The only access for these people was to get up as early as 3am to get to the nearest road and catch a PMV to town.

That is now a thing of the past, thanks to the Southern Highlands Provincial government through the leadership of Governor William Powi who put money aside every year since taking office.

A total of 5 million invested over five years has seen the completion of this road.

Community leaders said the road was first built by hand back in the 1960s and has never been funded since then.

PM to open Tona Piambil road

Prime Minister and member for Ialibu Pangia, Peter O’Neill has accepted the invitation of the people of Kunukumbe to officiate at this weekend’s ceremony.

Councillor for Piambil 1 Lepi Koiaye has thanked Southern Highlands Governor William Powi and his provincial government for funding the construction of this road.

Governor’s offer option for landowners

 They said this could be done until until such time the vetting process is done and genuine landowners are identified in their specific provinces.

Hela Governor, Francis Potape, and Southern Highlands Governor, William Powi, said this on TVWAN’s ‘Nau’ Program last night.

Both Governors said as the duly elected leaders of their respective provinces, they could sign on behalf of the unidentified leaders given the looming deadline on December 31.