Jeffrey Komal

Komal sworn in as DDA chairman

The ceremony was witnessed in Nipa last Wednesday as the DDA Chairman urged all to make Nipa-Kutubu a model for change.

It’s his second term as the member for Nipa-Kutubu and the support displayed last Wednesday was an indication of the belief the people had in their member to effectively deliver.

Taking a walk through the district station to Nipa’s Treasury office where the swearing-in took place, the member was flanked by the district’s 5 LLG presidents and DDA members.

Mendi anticipates PAC swearing-in

This is in preparation for the swearing - in of the provinces, Provincial Assembly council members.

Meantime, the Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, is expected to arrive today as well to be sworn-in.

Other members of the Assembly include Governor, William Powi, Imbonggu MP, Pila Ninigi, Mendi MP, Michael Nali, Nipa Kutubu MP, Jeffrey Komal and Kagua Erave MP, Wesley Raminai.

Meanwhile, police are maintaining road checks and can be observed to be checking vehicles driving into and out of Mendi.

More updates to come.

Thousands witness PNC members’ nominations

Komal and Powi are contesting under the People's National Congress (PNC) party.

Party leader and Prime Minister Peter O'Neill will be endorsing them.

PNC currently has 55 MPs in the coalition and will be doing its best to return its candidates.