Michael Nali

Nine bridges for Momase

The nine bridges include six in Madang and three in the Sepik region.

The Minister said the project has been approved by the National Executive Council and is currently awaiting legal clearance.

The nine new bridges will be built at a cost of more than K10m for Madang and Sepik coastal highway linking East and West Sepik provinces.

The project is funded by the European Investment Bank (EIB).

Meanwhile, Minister Nali says work on the Banab Bridge in Madang has already begun.

Road authority legislation to be repealed

This is part of a restructure to ensure the development and maintenance of roads are coordinated in an organised manner and the duplication of roles are done away with.

Works Minister, Michael Nali, said the repealing of the legislation and restructuring will ultimately conclude by the end of 2019.

In the meantime, arrangements have been made for the Department of Works, Provincial and District Development Authorities (DDAs) to share responsibility of roads throughout the country.

Works Minister pleased with Poreporena Freeway work

Today, Minister Nali and Works Secretary David Wereh inspected the work being carried out by China Harbour Engineering Construction.

The Works Minister said so far the maintenance work along the Poreporena Freeway has been going well and on schedule.

He said the purpose of his inspection was to see how the contractors have been doing their work given the weather pattern that contributes to the wear and tear the roads.

“As the Minister responsible, it is my job to inspect the road work from time to time.”

Works Minister clarifies Wewak funds

Michael Nali was making reference to the question raised in Parliament last Friday by East Sepik Governor Allan Bird.

Nali confirmed that K10 million was appropriated in the Supplementary budget for the roads.

Minister Nali explained that warrants were issued a few weeks before the closure of the 2017 financial year and his department was unable to procure and expand the funds for Wewak town roads within a few weeks. They also had no documentation to procure and spend funds.

K700m in backlog for road maintenance

Works Minster Michael Nali revealed this in Parliament today.

He said the current backlog of road maintenance contracts is around K700 million, money which they do not have.

He said to cater for all roads, the Works Department needs over a billion kina.

“The Works Department used to have equipment with the PTB (plant and transport board) and when we had road issues, they would step in to assist. But today, the Works Department cannot. We know this.

K7m for Wewak road unaccounted for

This was revealed by Works Minister, Michael Nali, in Parliament today.

He said this when questioned by East Sepik Governor Allan Bird where the funding was and when it could be released.

Governor Bird said the K10 million was approved on November 13th last year and a cheque given to the Works Department.

He said the next day, two contactors had arrived in Wewak to begin work but they stopped, believing it was contrary to finance management act.

Mendi anticipates PAC swearing-in

This is in preparation for the swearing - in of the provinces, Provincial Assembly council members.

Meantime, the Prime Minister, Peter O'Neill, is expected to arrive today as well to be sworn-in.

Other members of the Assembly include Governor, William Powi, Imbonggu MP, Pila Ninigi, Mendi MP, Michael Nali, Nipa Kutubu MP, Jeffrey Komal and Kagua Erave MP, Wesley Raminai.

Meanwhile, police are maintaining road checks and can be observed to be checking vehicles driving into and out of Mendi.

More updates to come.

Road works probe to be carried out

He said the Works Department have facilities in all the provinces that could do such tasks.

"All the provinces have now created their own Works divisions and all MPs have also bought equipment and set up their companies and given contracts to do road works.

"These practices will be stopped and we will be investigating them," he said.

He added that the Government has spent a lot of money on such and these illegal practices must stop.

He said investigations will be carried out soon to probe such practices.


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​Residents urged to take care of infrastructure

Nali made the call after inspecting the Laloki and Brown River bridges today.

“Infrastructure like this cost a lot of money,” he stressed.

“And one thing that I will ask from the Central people and others is to look after these infrastructure and forget about the ‘no care’ attitude.

“We must take ownership of such and make it our priority to look after them because it takes a lot of time and effort to come up with such infrastructure.”

He called on the people to report any acts of vandalism.

Works Minister satisfied with job

Minister Michael Nali today led a delegation from the Works Department for an inspection on the bridges along the highway.

He commended the contractor, China Harbour Engineering Construction, for a job well done.

The Minister inspected the Laloki and Brown River bridges. However, they were unable to have a look at the Angabanga Bridge because of time limitation.

The three bridges, along with the other three along the Magi Highway, cost a total of US$100 million.