Works Minister pleased with Poreporena Freeway work

​Minister for Works and Implementation Michael Nali is satisfied with the maintenance work along the Poreporena Freeway in Port Moresby.

Today, Minister Nali and Works Secretary David Wereh inspected the work being carried out by China Harbour Engineering Construction.

The Works Minister said so far the maintenance work along the Poreporena Freeway has been going well and on schedule.

He said the purpose of his inspection was to see how the contractors have been doing their work given the weather pattern that contributes to the wear and tear the roads.

“As the Minister responsible, it is my job to inspect the road work from time to time.”

He added that even though the supervisory role was given to NCDC, he as the Minister responsible will be making inspections from time to time.

The maintenance and resealing of the Poreporena Freeway was an aid given by the Chinese to the PNG Government as its contribution to the APEC Summit in November.

The road is scheduled for completion at the end of October.  

The Freeway was built by Curtain Brothers in 1995 and is 23 years without any major maintenance done to it.

Minister Nali said normally such roads would take about eight years before it can be fixed and maintained depending of the traffic and weight of vehicles using it.

Freddy Mou