Contractors warned against false claims

After successfully dismissing a number of claims through the courts, Minister Nali sounded this warning, saying the Department of Works managed to save more than K486 million from suspicious and unsubstantiated claims.

He said so far, 19 court proceedings for claims totalling K486.100 million, were taken against the State by contractors and service providers, after the Department of Works declined to pay them.

Missing link road to cost K60m

Apart from that, there are other ongoing routine maintenance projects in all four regions of the country, where the Works Department’s Plant Transport Division is partnering with development authorities, like Talasea in WNB and Koroba-Lake Kopiago, to deliver their rural and district roads.

Works Secretary David Wereh, in giving an update on the road works, said the Government is committed to ensuring that all highways are open for movement of goods and services.


Road Network Strategy will benefit businesses: O’Neill

He said the National Road Network Strategy is a rational, three-phase approach to the rehabilitation and maintenance of Papua New Guinea’s roads infrastructure.

“The timeframe for the strategy is the next 20 years, focusing on investment projects which deliver the greatest social and economic return.

“The success of the NRNS very much depends on adequate and reliable multi-year funding for long-term performance based contracts. 

Boluminski Highway sealing underway

The K39.4 million project is being delivered through the Papua New Guinea - Australia Partnership, with the support of the New Ireland Provincial Government.

Australia is committed to supporting a prosperous Papua New Guinea. Works along the Boluminski Highway will help business and local communities access markets and services and boost the tourism industry in New Ireland Province.

Department of Works Secretary, David Wereh, is pleased to see the project progressing well.

Works Minister satisfied with job

Minister Michael Nali today led a delegation from the Works Department for an inspection on the bridges along the highway.

He commended the contractor, China Harbour Engineering Construction, for a job well done.

The Minister inspected the Laloki and Brown River bridges. However, they were unable to have a look at the Angabanga Bridge because of time limitation.

The three bridges, along with the other three along the Magi Highway, cost a total of US$100 million.

Polye calls out Awesa

Following Minister Francis Awesa’s statement slamming him for misleading his Kandep people on road projects, Polye has denied playing politics with road infrastructure in his district.

Polye reiterated that the writing was on the wall, saying projects worth more than K150 million for his district were denied of when he was sacked as the Treasury Minister in March 2013.