Contractors warned against false claims

Minister for Works, Michael Nali, has warned contractors and service providers against submitting false claims to the department.

After successfully dismissing a number of claims through the courts, Minister Nali sounded this warning, saying the Department of Works managed to save more than K486 million from suspicious and unsubstantiated claims.

He said so far, 19 court proceedings for claims totalling K486.100 million, were taken against the State by contractors and service providers, after the Department of Works declined to pay them.

Nali stressed that after careful verification and vetting processes, the department declined to pay them, resulting in those claimants going to court to seek redress.

He said they successfully defended the 19 court cases, saving the state K486 million.

Secretary for Works, David Wereh, emphasised that the Department of Works will deal with contractors transparently and prudently.

He said they will be going through other claims and verify them accordingly.

Freddy Mou