Works Minister clarifies Wewak funds

The Minister for Works and Implementation has clarified that the funds allocated for the Wewak town roads were used within the Wewak town area.

Michael Nali was making reference to the question raised in Parliament last Friday by East Sepik Governor Allan Bird.

Nali confirmed that K10 million was appropriated in the Supplementary budget for the roads.

Minister Nali explained that warrants were issued a few weeks before the closure of the 2017 financial year and his department was unable to procure and expand the funds for Wewak town roads within a few weeks. They also had no documentation to procure and spend funds.

He added that almost K3 million from the funds were used in a major washout and emergency slip repair works along the Coastal Sepik Highway.

“Money is not stolen and we are doing everything to deliver Wewak, especially the town roads.”

Nali further reiterated that to avoid funds from being withdrawn by the Department of Finance, they managed to pay the contractor that was already working on Wewak roads.

Meantime, he said the Government is treating all national roads in the country fairly by maintaining them at certain phases.

However, they needed about K1.3 billion to fix and upgrade all roads in the country.

Minister Nali also called on the people to take ownership and look after government infrastructure, including roads.

He suggested for locals to grow cash crops and start up small and medium enterprises along the roads that were built.

(Works Minister Michael Nali, right, with Secretary David Wereh)

Freddy Mou