Komal sworn in as DDA chairman

Deputy Speaker of the National Parliament and member for Nipa-Kutubu, Jeffrey Komal, has officially been sworn in as the District Development Authority Chairman.

The ceremony was witnessed in Nipa last Wednesday as the DDA Chairman urged all to make Nipa-Kutubu a model for change.

It’s his second term as the member for Nipa-Kutubu and the support displayed last Wednesday was an indication of the belief the people had in their member to effectively deliver.

Taking a walk through the district station to Nipa’s Treasury office where the swearing-in took place, the member was flanked by the district’s 5 LLG presidents and DDA members.

After taking his oath, witnessed and facilitated by the Mendi magistrate, the Nipa-Kutubu MP was ushered outside to publicly address his people.

Komal touched on allegations of mismanagement and gross deprivation of students’ rights at the Nipa Secondary School in Southern Highlands Province.

He said the issue will immediately be addressed.

The dire plight of Nipa Secondary surfaced publicly during Komal’s swearing-in.

A determined Nipa Secondary School SRC President led a peaceful march to the event as a plea for immediate assistance.

Their persistent chanting could not be ignored hence students representatives were invited to take their issues to the Member to address.

The pressing issues for the students are the alleged misuse of school funding, unanswered questions as to why Grade 10 an 12 students were not allowed to sit for the 2017 national exams and why there are 3 principals running the affairs of the school, including a shortage of teachers.


Carolyn Ure