Jacob Kurap

Candidates slam misreporting

Jerry Kiwa, Ps Bernard Paul and Joe Kobol say media plays an important role in disseminating information and must respect its editorial guidelines of reporting facts and balanced stories.

The leaders’ comment came after a wide publication on radio, television and the two daily papers that 5 men were killed over an election riot in Mendi last Friday.

Case of SHP RO dismissed

This case was filed by a candidate who contested the Southern Highlands regional seat.

Joseph Kobal filed the case with an urgent application, asking the court to stop returning officer, Jacob Kurap, from performing the duties and function of a Provincial Returning Officer.

This application was refused by Justice Collin Makail, who said the people of Southern Highlands Province deserve a result from the election and the electoral process must be allowed to take its course.

SHP election manager position battled in court

Lawyers representing Jacob Kurap came before Justice Derek Hartshorn today with an application seeking to stay the National Court’s decision that upheld David Wakias' judicial review, reinstating him to his former position.

The court after hearing submissions on the application reserved its ruling to a later date.

The National Court on March 17 ruled that PNG Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato’s decision to appoint Jacob Kurap as the Southern Highlands provincial election manager on 4 Nov 2014 was illegal.