Powi Must Take Stock Of COVID Situation In SHP

Southern Highlands Governor William Powi is being called on to be on the ground in Mendi to take stock of the many effects of COVID-19 on its people.

Southern Highlander and former Chairman of PNG Power Board Peter Nupiri said the recent announcement by Governor Powi of a K1 million funding allocation is a knee-jerk reaction to a dire situation in the province.

“Southern Highlands have only 13 isolation beds in Mendi Provincial Hospital for COVID-19 patients. But the place is full now and the number of Covid patients flooding in now is unbelievable,” Nupiri said.

He said the entire leadership in the province had more than enough time to build proper isolation centers.

Nupiri said, “Governor Powi has recently announced a funding of K1 million to help manage COVID-19 situation in the province. I believe the K1 million funding is insufficient and will not do much.”

He added that Governor Powi recently dished out about K80 million belonging to the people which was internal revenue from the Oil and Gas resources in the province; money that could’ve been put to good use knowing COVID-19 was present.

He said, “People are dying every day in the province. The K1 million knee-jerk announcement just because of the situation where people are dying every day and he is trying to demonstrate that he cares for them but he should have done that a while ago and put more money and build a proper isolation center.”

Mr Nupiri has also claimed that the K1 million was paid to a consultant engaged by the Provincial Administration and Provincial Government to advise them on COVID-19 and other health issues.

“I call on the Governor to get down on the ground, understand the issues at hand and help where and when necessary. A lot of people and families are affected by COVID with loss of loved ones,” Mr Nupiri said.

Freddy Mou