Sir Puka Temu

Abau MP to face leadership tribunal

The appointment follows a request made by the Public Prosecutor, Pondros Kaluwin, to the Chief Justice under section 27(2) and 27(7)(e) of the Organic Law on the Duties and Responsibilities of Leadership.

 The tribunal is to be chaired by Justice Panuel Mogish.

The other members of the tribunal are senior magistrates Josephine Nidue and Wialo Sakato.

The tribunal will set a date to commence its inquiry.

Minister confident in awareness of B’villeans

However, a lesser percentage does not fully understand the overarching role of the National Parliament in the referendum process.

The history and identity of Bougainville has been shaped by a 10-year civil conflict caused by disputes over the Panguna mine. To resolve the conflict and ensure lasting peace, the Bougainville Peace Agreement was created in 2001.

The Agreement allows for a referendum to be held between 2015 and 2020, to determine the political status of Bougainville.

Referendum will be credible: Minister

A Referendum Task Force will be set up post referendum to negotiate the process in ensuring the outcome of Bougainville’s future political status is credible.

Bougainville Affairs Minister, Sir Puka Temu, said: “We are committed to ensure the referendum process is credible; that the outcome will be recognised by international organisation like the UN as a credible outcome."

The next important phase now for the Minister for Bougainville Affairs is to establish a task force that will negotiate after the referendum result is announced.

National reconciliation ceremony deferred

Scheduled to be held on the same day as Bougainville day, the event has been moved to the first week of July.

A reconciliation ceremony between the National Government and its armed entities and the people of Bougainville and the Bougainville Revolutionary Army, planned for Saturday June 15 at Panguna, will now take place on the 2nd of July.

Minister for Bougainville Affairs, Sir Puka Temu, said the actual date will be confirmed once both the National Government and Autonomous Bougainville Government consult.

Midwives’ achievements celebrated

They were recognised for the critical role they play in improving neonatal and maternal healthcare in PNG.

PNG has one of the highest maternal mortality ratios in the Asia Pacific region with an estimated 733 maternal deaths per 100,000 live births.

The Australian government, in partnership with the Government of PNG, has been supporting the development of PNG’s midwifery human resources through scholarships for midwives and supporting capacity building for health training institutions that provide midwifery training.

Sir Puka denies claims of moving to Opposition

Sir Puka was referring to a social media post that claimed that he had discussed with the other Papuan MPs, including the Deputy Prime Minister and Alotau MP, Charles Abel, to move to the Opposition.

With the grace period for the vote of no confidence approaching, rumours are rife on social media on several MPs in the government making a move to change the Prime Minister.

However, many have denied such claims on social media claiming it is the desperate work of the Opposition.

Sir Puka was one such MP.

Minister brushes aside health crisis claims

Sir Puka said things are continuing to improve and the government is committed to improving the past situation Sir Mekere is referring to.

Sir Mekere claimed that the recent statements by Dr James Naipao, President of the National Doctors Association, and Professor Glen Mola from the Medical School, highlight urgent and serious issues that the Government is refusing to acknowledge or do anything about.

“The health system is in crisis – everyone knows that – but Peter O’Neill and Puka Temu are just letting people die or suffer,” the former Prime Minister said.

K5m for Imbonggu hospital

Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Sir Puka Temu, was in the District recently to present a K5 million cheque to local MP and Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Pila Niningi.

The National Government’s program for establishing hospitals in the 89 districts of PNG is incorporated into the National Health Plan 2011 – 2020 and Health Medium Term Development Plan priorities for implementation.

Ineffective command affects supply of medical drugs: Sir Puka

Sir Puka said there is surplus medical drugs in-store at the Area Medical Store but break-down in communication is what’s causing the delay.

He said hospital managers and CEOs must always communicate with the Area Medical Stores for their supply of medical drugs.

He was responding to questions raised by the Member for Ijivitari Richard Masere, to clarify the shortages of medical drugs in the country.

“Can the good Minister tell the country the truth and confirm or deny if we have medical drugs?” Masere asked.

PNG health-related laws under review

The three-day workshop was opened on November 5th by Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Sir Puka Temu.

The workshop, led by the Health Department and co-funded by the government of Australia and Oil Search Foundation, provides an avenue to consult stakeholders in a review of all laws that establish health sector governance and arrangements for health service delivery.

Speaking to participants, the Health Minister said structural issues are some of the factors that hamper service delivery in PNG.