Minister for Bougainville Affairs

Minister confident in awareness of B’villeans

However, a lesser percentage does not fully understand the overarching role of the National Parliament in the referendum process.

The history and identity of Bougainville has been shaped by a 10-year civil conflict caused by disputes over the Panguna mine. To resolve the conflict and ensure lasting peace, the Bougainville Peace Agreement was created in 2001.

The Agreement allows for a referendum to be held between 2015 and 2020, to determine the political status of Bougainville.

National reconciliation ceremony deferred

Scheduled to be held on the same day as Bougainville day, the event has been moved to the first week of July.

A reconciliation ceremony between the National Government and its armed entities and the people of Bougainville and the Bougainville Revolutionary Army, planned for Saturday June 15 at Panguna, will now take place on the 2nd of July.

Minister for Bougainville Affairs, Sir Puka Temu, said the actual date will be confirmed once both the National Government and Autonomous Bougainville Government consult.

Court declares Akoitai

The National Court today declared Sam Akoitai duly elected member for Central Bougainville following the judicial recount.

Trial Judge Justice Lawrence Kangwia on Friday (April 13) afternoon declared Sam Akoitai duly elected, pursuant to section 212 of the Organic Law on National and Local level government.

He formally ratified election results from the recount, filed in court on March 20, as correct and valid.

Akoitai, who was the successful petitioner, won the recount by just four votes ahead of Fr Simon Dumarinu.