Medical Drugs

Ineffective command affects supply of medical drugs: Sir Puka

Sir Puka said there is surplus medical drugs in-store at the Area Medical Store but break-down in communication is what’s causing the delay.

He said hospital managers and CEOs must always communicate with the Area Medical Stores for their supply of medical drugs.

He was responding to questions raised by the Member for Ijivitari Richard Masere, to clarify the shortages of medical drugs in the country.

“Can the good Minister tell the country the truth and confirm or deny if we have medical drugs?” Masere asked.

hospital drugs sold at Kimbe market

When asked who supplied  the drugs; the couple replied - we get that from Kimbe Hospital staff. They supply us the drugs and we sell it for them, as long as they give us a bit of commission.

The NDOH has banned all antibiotics from being sold on the streets , however this is not the case in WNB.