Ineffective command affects supply of medical drugs: Sir Puka

Minister for Health and HIV/AIDS, Sir Puka Temu has again blamed the ineffectiveness of the supply chain between the Area Medical Store and relevant hospitals and clinics around the country, resulting in the shortage of medical drugs.

Sir Puka said there is surplus medical drugs in-store at the Area Medical Store but break-down in communication is what’s causing the delay.

He said hospital managers and CEOs must always communicate with the Area Medical Stores for their supply of medical drugs.

He was responding to questions raised by the Member for Ijivitari Richard Masere, to clarify the shortages of medical drugs in the country.

“Can the good Minister tell the country the truth and confirm or deny if we have medical drugs?” Masere asked.

Mr Masere said most hospitals and clinics around the country have been facing drug shortages and are closing their doors to serve the people.

However, Sir Puka replied saying the Government is always on par with medical procurements but the supply chain command is ineffective.

“This frontline management issues have really not handled well which resulted in medical drugs not reaching hospitals and clinics.”

He went on and clarified that there is a form that hospitals and clinics filled out for requesting medical drugs and must be filled before their drugs will be supplied.

“This form must be fill at all times as it will tell us the exact number of medical drugs will be supplied.”

Freddy Mou