Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (EHPHA)

EHPHA concerned over antibiotic abuse

The Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (EHPHA) is calling on the public not to buy antibiotics that are being sold on the streets without prescriptions. 

The EHPHA board management and police in the Eastern Highlands issued this call to crack down on the illegal sale of antibiotics on the streets.  

EHPHA Board Chairman, Chris Kopyoto said he is very concerned seeing strong medicines being sold to people on the streets and in public places.

Visit to Goroka Hospital

They were led by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dr. Joseph Apa and his management team.

The visit of the PHA board members gave an opportunity  to sectional heads to raise issues of concern which included shortage of drugs and shortage of manpower, which they urged the board to address, to raise the hospital’s level to an exceptional operation level for the benefit of the people of Eastern Highlands.

EHPHA heads do hospital rounds

Dr Apa took the lead by going right down to assess the operations at ground level by making hospital rounds at Goroka Provincial Hospital recently.

He was accompanied by Director for Curative Health Services, Dr. Kapiro Kendaura made time available to visit the hospital in-patients in the hospital wards where health workers at all level carry out their daily routine chores in providing services for the patients and those that are in need at their respective hospitals.

University Students Help Goroka Hospital

The cash of K12,808 was handed over to the Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Joseph Apa on Wednesday 24th of November in Goroka.

The students were able to raise the amount through wheelbarrow push in the respective towns where the universities are located.  

Their intention is to assist the EHPHA to upgrade the Goroka Base Hospital with the development of an oxygen plant for COVID-19 patients and other patients who require medical oxygen for treatment.

EPHA Chairman Visits Watabung

Kiniafa made these remarks during his first official visit to Watabung Health Centre in the Daulo District on Friday November 5th, 2021.

EHPHA Embarks On Vaccination Rollout

They have taken the step to rollout the vaccination drive with the aim to cover 7000,000 people from the eight districts of the province.

Provincial Health Authority Acting Director Public Health, Dr Max Manape led the awareness in Henganofi.

“So very important vaccination em bai redusim disla severity blong em. (When you get vaccinated it reduces the severity of COVID-19)

Dr. Manape explained further the effects of COVID-19 when a person is not fully vaccinated, recounting on his personal experience.

CPNGFA donates to EHPHA Covid-19

The CPNGFA donated consumable items, oxygen cylinders and other items to the Eastern Highlands Provincial Health Authority (EHPHA) to help the COVID-19 patients and the frontline health workers, this week in Goroka.

The Association in a special meeting held in Goroka recently agreed to raise funds and assist the Goroka Provincial Hospital, as the numbers of COVID-19 cases is soaring at an alarming rate in Goroka and the seven districts of the province, including Kainantu, Henganofi, Unggai/Bena, Okapa, Lufa, Daulo and Obura/Wonenara.

Fulfilling the dream of late Kela Smith

This event was fulfilling the dream if the former chairman of EHPHA, late Malcohm Kela Smith.

The EHPHA raised K200,000 towards the purchase of this ambulance. Although Kainantu hospital had ambulances, it was not properly equipped to deliver the health services.

At the presentation in Kainantu, EHPHA Director for Corporate Services, Michael Singip said that the vehicle will be used as the state-of the art ambulance.