Abau MP

Sir Puka denies claims of moving to Opposition

Sir Puka was referring to a social media post that claimed that he had discussed with the other Papuan MPs, including the Deputy Prime Minister and Alotau MP, Charles Abel, to move to the Opposition.

With the grace period for the vote of no confidence approaching, rumours are rife on social media on several MPs in the government making a move to change the Prime Minister.

However, many have denied such claims on social media claiming it is the desperate work of the Opposition.

Sir Puka was one such MP.

Temu pledges to support Agarobe

During the swearing in ceremony of the Central Provincial Assembly, Temu reassured the Governor that he will support the vision he has for the province.

Temu, who is in his fourth term as Abau MP, said during his political career, he has not witnessed any cooperation between Central Province MPs.

However, he said he already sees a change coming with Agarobe at the helm and with their support, will develop the province in unison.

Governor Agarobe’s ultimate vision is for an economically independent Central Province.