Sir Puka Temu

Councilor with firearm arrested at rally

Councilor Gavena John Leta, age 36, from Bokuku village, was alleged to have committed the offence during Sir Puka Temu’s rally on June 12.

Central police commander Laimo Asi says police report that whilst in Upulima, Leta removed the firearm (pistol) and tried to discharge it whilst the current member for Abau was talking during his rally.

He was formally arrested and charged for 3 counts relating to firearm and locked at Boroko cells late Tuesday afternoon (at around 5pm).

DDA CEO cannot create their own structure

Temu said they can only recommend the type of structure they require suitable to their own particular setting or location, which will then be channeled through the respective Provincial Governments to the Department.

He was responding to Kikori MP and Opposition Member, Mark Maipakai , in Parliament on Thursday.

“Do we districts have the powers under the Organic Law to create our own structures and get it endorsed through the Provincial Government and it comes through the system for confirmation by  higher authorities?” asked Maipakai.

House to vote on amendment of National and LLG elections in next sitting

The second reading to change the nomination fee for intending candidates in the 2017 National Elections from K1,000 to K10,000 was passed by Parliament today. 

Despite calling by the Opposition bench in the chamber for a debate, the O’Neill- Dion Government flexed its numerical muscle to pass the OLPLLG without amendment.

Sir Puka Temu was the only government minister who voted for more time to debate the proposal for legislative changes.

Juffa warns about government negligence to public services

Juffa made the remarks after the Government has announced through the Minister for Public Service Sir Puka Temu that public servants will not see an increase in salaries for two years.

“This is a form of cruelty that will punish not just public servants but an entire nation.

“The public service is the vehicle required to transform Government policy into tangible outcomes and that is to deliver goods and services and successfully manage Government programs.

Juffa describes Sir Puka’s decision as ‘cruelty’ to nation

Juffa told Loop PNG that this thoughtless and sinister decision is no good news and is certain to cause much unhappiness in the public service.

“You do not need to be a rocket scientist or a human resource expert to conclude that an unhappy public service will ensure poor productivity...this in turn is sure to slow down any effort required for nation building.

“The public service is the vehicle required to transform Government policy into tangible outcomes... that is to deliver goods and services and successfully manage Government programs.

PNG welcomes effort to regulate arms trade

Representing Prime Minister Peter O’Neill at the 71st United Nations General Assembly, Minister for Public Service Sir Puka Temu said PNG is concerned that despite all efforts, the international community, is unable to contain the ongoing wars based on economic, religious, ethnic, and other causes, including acts of terrorism.

“My government is hopeful that the high-level meetings over this past year will help address many of the root causes of conflict.

Amendments to constitution and organic law concern Commission

“In 2014, the Minister for Public Service, Sir Puka Temu, got Parliament to pass amendments to sections 193 and 208B of the National Constitution, Section 73 of the Organic Law on Provincial Governments and Local-Level Governments and the Public Service (Management) Act 2014, which repealed the Public Service (Management) Act 1995,” Dr Kereme says in a statement.

These amendments effectively remove the powers and functions of the Commission to conduct merit-based assessment on candidates for appointment of heads of government agencies, states the PSC chairman.

Government will still deliver without former PMs: Sir Puka

He said the government is intact and will keep delivering services to the people.

“Although some of our former PMs have left us to join the Opposition, we will continue to deliver services to our people until the 2017 elections.”

“During the formation of government, the theme of the Alotau Accord stated that this would be a Government of reconciliation, and the government has performed very well through political stability, achieving many milestones," Sir Puka said.

Provision allows for extra payment, Sir Puka says

Public Service Minister Sir Puka Temu told Parliament during question time today.

Sir Puka was responding to question without notice from Chuave MP Wera Mori.

Mori asked why senior public servants negotiating in the Wafi-Golpu Project paid themselves extra allowances amounting over a million kina.

"With no successful completion of the project why were bonus paid?"

Sir Puka said to look into the allegation raised because payment are made after negotiations are completed, but he added that provision does allow for extra payment.