Vote of no-confidence

Impartial amid political tension

With the much-talked about vote of no-confidence looming, Police Commissioner Gari Baki is hoping to avoid a repetition of the 2016 situation where political influence was allowed to divide the fraud squad and Royal PNG constabulary hierarchy.

“My appeal is to our political leaders to respect the functions of the organisation, functions of the RPNGC,” Baki stated.

Sir Puka denies claims of moving to Opposition

Sir Puka was referring to a social media post that claimed that he had discussed with the other Papuan MPs, including the Deputy Prime Minister and Alotau MP, Charles Abel, to move to the Opposition.

With the grace period for the vote of no confidence approaching, rumours are rife on social media on several MPs in the government making a move to change the Prime Minister.

However, many have denied such claims on social media claiming it is the desperate work of the Opposition.

Sir Puka was one such MP.

Opposition is constructive, says Polye

Polye said the Opposition wanted honest and transparent leaders and leadership.

Polye has rubbished the call by the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill for the Opposition to be constructive, saying the writing was on the wall.

“The Opposition and informed citizens do not want leaders who manipulate the Police Force and the Ombudsman Commission in order to delay investigations. 

“It does not want leaders who promptly disband Taskforce Sweep when it finds evidence possibly incriminating a national leader. 

O’Neill confident to remain as PM

A tired looking prime minister fronted the media around 4:15pm straight after arriving from Alotau.

After four nights in the capital of Milne Bay Province reviewing its achievements of the last four years and maintaining its Alotau Accord before the Vote of No-Confidence count tomorrow, O’Neill boasted that he has the numbers.

During the head count, there were 76 MPs present and the Leader of Government Business and Finance Minister James Marape said five more MPs are not present.

With 81 MPs confirmed, Prime Minister O’Neill says his government is intact.  

PM’s lawyer: No court case filed to stop Vote

Prime Minister’s lawyer, Tiffany Twivey-Nonggorr clarified this afternoon that they have not and will not be filing any proceeding to stop the Vote of No Confidence taking place.

Her comments came after a rumoured post was made on social media, Facebook claiming that the Prime Minister’s legal team made submissions in court today seeking a court order to stop the vote taking place.

“I can assure you I have been sitting in my office all day doing admin paperwork. People are trying to create rumours,speculation and chaos.

Vote of no-confidence is a ‘time waster’ says Tkatchenko

“Peoples National Congress Party and your Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is totally intact,” Tkatchenko told Loop PNG by phone from the Milne Bay capital.  

“We have 80 members here in Alotau, and we look forward in going and defeating this vote of no-confidence in our prime minister showing rest of the country that we are all united as one and can get back to our jobs.

Pruaitch: National Alliance will vote against the Opposition’s motion

In a press statement issued from Alotau, National Alliance Parliamentary Leader Patrick Pruaitch reconfirmed on Tuesday evening it would vote against the Opposition sponsored motion.

Pruaitch also made it clear that any decision by an individual member of the party to deviate from this collective position is his own and it does not in any way represent the position of the Party.

Speaker Zurenuoc raises legal issue as House adjourned

This he says, contravenes the doctrine of the separation of powers forcing the legislature to breach provisions of the Constitution, the Organic Law and the Parliamentary Standing Orders.

After saying the opening prayers, Parliament Speaker, Zurenuoc outlined the orders made by the court on July 12 for Parliament to be recalled and the Notice of a Motion of no-confidence is the only business of the day.

Opposition numbers increase as PPP and NG parties move

Parliament special sitting this afternoon was adjourned for seven days after the Speaker advised the House on the VONC motion filed by Deputy Opposition Leader Sam Basil.   

The special parliament sitting was directed by the Supreme Court on Tuesday after the Government on June 8, adjourned Parliament to August, however, the next day; the Opposition filed the motion on the VONC.

Poyle is the alternative prime minister in the motion.

Duma confident in O’Neill’s leadership

Duma is the Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investment and his party is a major coalition party in the O’Neill-Dion Government with seven MPs.

Parliament will sit at 2pm to discuss the motion which is the only business of the day.

Duma told Loop PNG that all parties to the coalition government are intact and has confidence in the prime minister.

He said the allegations for Prime Minister to step aside are before the Courts and the law enforcement agencies are dealing with him, as an individual.