Sir Puka Temu

Abau petition thrown out

The Waigani National Court threw out the petition for being incompetent, stopping it from proceeding to the trial stage.

Justice Peter Toliken ordered the dismissal of the case after he found the petition failed to plead relevant and material facts to support his allegations of bribery.

He gave a ruling on a motion that was filed by Temu, challenging the competency of the petition that was filed by Evela Kala.

PMGH to procure drugs

Minister for Health, Sir Puka Temu, said the Government has already set aside funding to carry out this project.

Speaking to the media after the official opening of the new TB clinic at PMGH yesterday, Sir Puka said the total funding is estimated at K15m to implement the project.

“We will be trialing this project and if it’s successful, we will be rolling it across the country,” stated Sir Puka.

“PM has already committed in supporting this project and has pledged to fund it in the coming years as well.”

Unhealthy goods to be banned from schools

Minister for Health Sir Puka Temu made this announcement today at the official opening of a TB clinic at the Port Moresby General Hospital.  

Sir Puka said PNG has been ranked very low in nutritional standards and the Government has taken measures to fight this.

He added that our young generation must be given affordable meals and live a healthy lifestyle in order to get proper education.

“These are our generation that will be leaders tomorrow and must be given utmost care in terms of nutritional diets.”

Sympathies conveyed to Sir Reuben’s family

It has been reported that the former statesman passed away today. Details into his death are still sketchy.

Sir Puka Temu, on behalf of the people of Abau district, said Sir Reuben’s passing is a great loss for the country and Abau.

The late Sir Reuben was one of Papua New Guinea’s first medical doctors and was also the first Health Minister in Michael Somare's and PNG's first ministry.

Sir Puka said the country owes it to pioneers like the late Sir Reuben who contributed immensely to the development of health and politics in the early days.

Free health care to be reviewed

He made note of the allocated budget, saying it was an issue to be discussed.

Weighing options now, a very small standard fee may be established, particularly for emergencies, Loop PNG was told.

“So that the patient is not compromised because of the user fees. But still, subsidised specialist care and free primary health care still remains,” he said.

The free primary health care program was launched by the government in 2014.

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Supply chain breakdown affects hospitals: Minister

Health and HIV/AIDS Minister, Sir Puka Temu, made the comment on Friday in parliament.

Ijivitari MP Richard Masare brought the issue up, stating that medical supply was not the issue.

“We do have enough in the health stores but there is a break down in the supply process.

“One of the issues identified is that they want to send the medicines but there is no logistical support,” said Masare.

Five bribery allegations against Sir Puka

 Kala filed the petition against third-time MP, Sir Puka Temu.

The case went for directions before Justice Collin Makail, of the Waigani National Court, where two weeks were given to parties to sort their witness statements in preparation for trial.

Sir Puka will also be calling seven witnesses during trial.

Kala is alleging five instances of bribery against sitting MP, Sir Puka.

The Electoral Commission has been given till Oct 4 to produce form 66 A and form 66B, including the electoral roll to lawyers for the petitioner.

Health minister clarifies circular

Sir Puka said the purpose of the circular, which has gone viral on social media, was for the Health Department to be consistent with its messaging to avoid fear and confusion in the community, especially on sensitive issues like the shortage of medical supplies.

Sir Puka said the circular had nothing to do with trying to avoid public scrutiny or suppressing people’s rights to freedom of speech.

“In every organisation, public or private, the head of the organisation is normally the official spokesperson,” the Minister said in a statement.

Temu pledges to support Agarobe

During the swearing in ceremony of the Central Provincial Assembly, Temu reassured the Governor that he will support the vision he has for the province.

Temu, who is in his fourth term as Abau MP, said during his political career, he has not witnessed any cooperation between Central Province MPs.

However, he said he already sees a change coming with Agarobe at the helm and with their support, will develop the province in unison.

Governor Agarobe’s ultimate vision is for an economically independent Central Province.

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