Meat Products Confiscated

The condemned meat products include sausages, lamb neck chops, chicken thighs, lamb heart and frozen potato chips.

An investigation carried out by Senior Environmental Health Officer, Matthew Laba discovered that the Eliseo Wholesale and Retail shop located at Gordons, Port Moresby were selling frozen meat and other in conditions that raised sanitation alarms.

The displayed unprotected frozen meat products in a freezer, posed serious public health concerns to the customers, as it did not conform to the required food sanitation standards.

Dog control underway

This aims at controlling the increasing dog population.

The exercise is in response to the city’s uncontrolled dog population brought about by stray dogs and the undue care and attention of owners.

“We have a situation in the city where dogs are freely roaming the city without any care and attention,” says City Manager, Bernard Kipit.

“This exercise in consultation with RSPCA is to bring the situation to a manageable level to better control the relevant concerns of health and other social issues,” he said.


St John supports RSPCA

Chief Executive Officer of St John, Matthew Cannon, said, “St John and the RSPCA of PNG share similar values and both have an important role in saving lives – human and animals, respectively.

“We are extremely fortunate that the wider community and businesses support the work of both our organisations. St John and the RSPCA well understand the challenges of providing quality services as charity organisations.

K9,000 blood pressure machine for RSPCA

“With such generosity we are able to provide yet another service for our furry friends,” the RSPCA said in a statement.

“With the support of the community and individuals who share our vision, the RSPCA is able to continue to carry out the work we do in a challenging environment.”



Moore Printing backs RSPCA

“We see value in the work that the RSPCA does for our sometimes forgotten members of the community,” executive assistant and community relations manager, Telitah Benn, said.

“For many years now, the RSPCA has also helped us at Moore look after our own dogs and we appreciate that! We want to make sure our assistance to the RSPCA is worthwhile.

K80,000 for animal hospital

Acting director of the NGCB’s Community Benefit Fund (CBF), Raylene Kurua, said the fund has helped many community-based projects and they are pleased to continue to support the work of the RSPCA of PNG. 

Administration manager of the RSPCA, Johnny Kasom, when accepting the grant, thanked the NGCB for recognising the NGO’s efforts in addressing issues that affect the welfare and wellbeing of animals in Papua New Guinea.

Monkey advertised for sale on social media rescued

Officers found Lola living in "hugely inappropriate conditions" in a house in Blaenymaes, Swansea.

She was running loose in the living room with a cage and a UV lamp in the corner, along with a dog she would often try to attack.

She now lives at a wildlife centre with other monkeys. RSPCA wants a ban on keeping primates as pets in Wales.

RSPCA Inspector, Neill Manley, said: "Sadly, some people like the idea of keeping a monkey as a pet, but this is another example of how unsuitable they are.

Wantok brightens elementary students' day

It stands out like a sore thumb, with its brightly coloured classrooms in their red, lime green, orange and sky blue colours.

There are 10 teachers, led by their principal Pastor Alex, who take on the daily challenge of making a difference in the lives of up to 120 children aged between 5 and 9.

Through the assistance of Pastor Rick Paynter, chairman of the Gateway Children’s Fund (PNG) Inc., the RSPCA was privileged to visit the school early this week.

RSPCA to host second dog show

RSPCA is encouraging pet owners (for those who haven’t already) to start training their beloved pet doggies for the categories of dog obedience and smartest dog trick.

“Our ‘biggest dog in Port Moresby’ and ‘smallest dog in Port Moresby’ categories will also be included in this year’s dog show.”

There will also be another drawing competition for primary school-aged students (7 – 16 years of age).

Similar to last year’s competition, the theme is about the basic needs of all animals.