Wantok brightens elementary students' day

In the midst of Erima settlement, past vehicle wreckage and shanty houses, is the Gateway Elementary School.

It stands out like a sore thumb, with its brightly coloured classrooms in their red, lime green, orange and sky blue colours.

There are 10 teachers, led by their principal Pastor Alex, who take on the daily challenge of making a difference in the lives of up to 120 children aged between 5 and 9.

Through the assistance of Pastor Rick Paynter, chairman of the Gateway Children’s Fund (PNG) Inc., the RSPCA was privileged to visit the school early this week.

Led by our education program’s mascot and ambassador, Wantok, our two presenters were able to spread our message about the five basic freedoms of animals and share information about responsible pet ownership.

Monica Kaoma, head of the Gateway Children’s Fund PNG Office, said the elementary school started in 2008 and, with the support of the church and Gateway Children’s Fund, has grown over the years to cater to a large portion of the population of the settlement.

“The school was set up to help the less fortunate children within this community. We are excited to announce that our first group of Grade 1 and 2 students will be graduating this year. We encourage all parents to come along and witness this special occasion.”

The school receives support from the Gateway Children’s Fund through their fundraising activities such as the up-coming Gateway Children’s Fund Annual Charity Golf Day and the Ladies High Tea. Both fundraising events will be held in October, the annual charity golf day is scheduled for Friday the 7th and the Ladies High Tea will be hosted on Monday the 10th.

Registration is now open for both events. For more information you can contact info@childrensfund.org.au


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