Dog control underway

This aims at controlling the increasing dog population.

The exercise is in response to the city’s uncontrolled dog population brought about by stray dogs and the undue care and attention of owners.

“We have a situation in the city where dogs are freely roaming the city without any care and attention,” says City Manager, Bernard Kipit.

“This exercise in consultation with RSPCA is to bring the situation to a manageable level to better control the relevant concerns of health and other social issues,” he said.


Dogs can smell epileptic seizures

The University of Rennes team hope the findings could lead to ways to predict when people will have a seizure.

These could include dogs or "electronic noses" that pick up the precise odour being given off during a seizure.

Dogs have previously been shown to be able to sniff out diseases including cancers, Parkinson's, malaria and diabetes.

Tom Hardy's bedtime story tribute to dog

The actor will read Fleabag by Helen Stephens, which is about the friendship between a young boy and his scruffy pet.

He recorded the story last year with Woody next to him and says the broadcast will be a fitting mark of respect to the memory of his dog.

Tom Hardy spoke about his loss in an emotional blog at the time.

Taiwan bans slaughter of cats and dogs for human consumption

The bill also prohibits those using a car or motorbike from pulling their pets alongside them on a lead as they travel.

Anyone caught breaching the order faces a large fine or up to two years in prison - and having their names and photographs made public.

The measures were introduced to improve the country's animal protection laws.

The move on Tuesday is a landmark amendment to Taiwan's Animal Protection Act, and is the first of its kind in Asia.

Treat your furry friend today

If you’re in Port Moresby, this may be the opportunity for your furry friend to get that special treat. 

Your dog smells you -- better than you think

Whether their owner's deployment was long or short, the dogs erupt into that singular, irrepressible doggy celebration: bounding, tails wagging maniacally, rolling on their backs, whimpering and grinning, weaving between the soldier's legs. There is little doubt that the dogs remembered, loved and missed their people.

In some of the videos, though, this recognition is at first in doubt: As the (often-uniformed) person arrives or enters the home, the dog barks, approaching guardedly, tail down and ears back. They do not know this person.