Wantoks rally behind PNG's flag designer

Relatives of the PNG flag designer, Susan Karike Huhume, are showing moral support for their wantok. They are taking up the cry for better entitlements for the brains behind the country's flag.

Spokesperson Saba Savara said they started gathering early this morning after reading a story from Loop PNG yesterday.

"We are planning on staying here until we get a government representative to come and give an insight into what plans are there for her," Savara told Loop PNG.

Digicel keeps Wantoks connected

The Gift a Plan option is available to all prepaid Digicel customers and will take the hassle out of buying a data plan for friends and family.

To Gift a Plan to their nearest and dearest, customers can easily select the type of plan they wish to purchase on behalf of others through the *777# menu, which has replaced the commonly used *129*.

Digicel Managing Director, Mobile, Shivan Bhargava said customers will have the option to select from 11 different data plans under the new menu.

Wantok brightens elementary students' day

It stands out like a sore thumb, with its brightly coloured classrooms in their red, lime green, orange and sky blue colours.

There are 10 teachers, led by their principal Pastor Alex, who take on the daily challenge of making a difference in the lives of up to 120 children aged between 5 and 9.

Through the assistance of Pastor Rick Paynter, chairman of the Gateway Children’s Fund (PNG) Inc., the RSPCA was privileged to visit the school early this week.

Wantok system good to care for orphans: Polye

“Wantokism can breed corruption.  However, trust and love and care between relations can give love, homes and a future to orphans,” said Mr Polye when closing NCD World AIDs Day at Sir John Guise Indoor complex in Port Moresby.

He said Papua New Guineans need to look after orphans of those who died of the deadly virus.

“I always think about who would look after my kids if and when I die.