National Gaming Control Board (NGCB)

Blue Heelers Rugby Union Club supported

This collaborative effort reflects a shared commitment to supporting sports and fostering community engagement through sports.

The jerseys, expertly designed to represent the essence of the Blue Heelers Rugby Union Club, showcase a harmonious blend of the club's identity and the NGCB's social responsibility under the banner of its ‘give back program’ to promoting sports development in the country.

The innovative design elements capture the dynamic nature of rugby while embodying the values of fair play, dedication, and excellence.

Funding boost for Ipatas Cup

The signing of the agreement stiffens NGCB’s commitment to uphold the pledge of K500, 000 per annum for four years, made by the Minister responsible for NGCB Manassh Makiba MP.

Minister Makiba made the pledge on 5th of March 2023, at the Lae Rugby League Oval in Morobe Province during the 2022/2023 grand final between the Homeland Saints of Western Highlands and Morobe Prides.

During the Agreement signing, Minister Makiba stressed on the importance of sports and the positive social impact it brings to the livelihood of people.

NGCB supports Ipatas Cup

The sponsorship of K300, 000 to the largest off-season national competition stiffens NGCB’s progressive support towards the competition since 2012.

Minister Responsible for NGCB, Manasseh Makiba while presenting the cheque to the CICC Patron and Enga Governor, Sir Peter Ipatas, said rugby league in PNG has evolved over the years and this competition has contributed significantly to the growth of this sporting code since its inception.

K200,000 for displaced Nipa Kutubu communities

The post-election related violence displaced more than 20,000 people and they were in dire straits, mostly women and children.

NGCB Chief Executive Officer, Imelda Agon said the donation by the Board to the people of Nipa Kutubu shows the organization’s concern over the displacement-affected communities.

“We are deeply saddened by the unfortunate election-related violence and the NGCB, as an organization owned by the 8 million plus people of this country, is committed to provide emergency funds to restore peace, law, and order in the affected areas.

NGCB Challenged

The Minister was pleased with the Board’s performance and achievements for the past 27 years, which he said is in line with the Government’s ‘Take Back PNG’ and that NGCB, must align with Government policy to take back gaming industry.

“The Board and Management must reach a target of K2 billion in revenue in 2023 and onwards and meet the Government’s aim for the country to become a K200 billion economy in the next 10 years.

“I am pleased to know that the NGCB generates over K55 million monthly of which 55 percent goes to Government in the form of tax through IRC.

Bill vital for proper regulation

Minister responsible for National Gaming Control Board, Manasseh Makiba when speaking to the Board and Management assured them of the review and when complete will be tabled in Parliament.

“The new bill will include proper regulation of other gaming such as casino, online gaming, sports betting lottery and other games,” Minister Makiba said.

He said the core functions of NGCB is to regulate all forms of legalized gambling activities and stop illegal gambling that will affect people’s lives.

Agencies To Combat Illegal Activities

Under the agreement, both organizations will collaborate on informal sharing and effectively establish a framework to combat illegal activities and apprehend offenders who violate our laws.

NGCB Chief Executive Officer, Imelda Agon said the MoU will allow both organizations to conduct joint programmers and awareness to ensure businesses follow proper processes, regulate and monitor existing business entities owned by foreign nationals or foreign nationals partnering with PNG nationals.

SS League Cleared To Resume

NGCB are the major sponsor of the second tier competition labeled a development pathway programme for many untapped raw talents in National Capital District, Central and Gulf provinces.

The National Pandemic Controller, David Manning’s office has granted approval for the second tier competition to restart the sudden death play-offs next week.

It was advised that no spectators allowed and all SOP requirements to be imposed during the duration of the elimination, preliminaries and grand final.

Classroom for Tawii Primary School

The National Gaming Control Board under its “Give Back Program” will fund the building with support from the Manus District Development Authority.

Speaking during the school’s graduation ceremony, NGCB Chief Executive Officer, Imelda Agon said education is a vital sector that requires universal approach from all participants.

“I like to urge all students to take your education seriously and guide it with a humble heart, good characters and right attitude.

NGCB disappointed with cancellation of show

NGCB Acting Chief Executive Officer Imelda Agon said the decision to cancel the biggest and oldest show in Papua New Guinea was an irrational decision as it badly affects NGCB as the sponsor.

“We have put in more time, money and effort to ensure the show is successfully delivered. The decision in the very last minute to cancel the Show has left not only us but other sponsors in an awkward situation.