Meat Products Confiscated

The local medical authority confiscated more than 20 Kilograms of various frozen meat products yesterday, from a wholesale and retail shop in Port Moresby due to non-compliance with food sanitation standards.

The condemned meat products include sausages, lamb neck chops, chicken thighs, lamb heart and frozen potato chips.

An investigation carried out by Senior Environmental Health Officer, Matthew Laba discovered that the Eliseo Wholesale and Retail shop located at Gordons, Port Moresby were selling frozen meat and other in conditions that raised sanitation alarms.

The displayed unprotected frozen meat products in a freezer, posed serious public health concerns to the customers, as it did not conform to the required food sanitation standards.

Mr Laba who is also attached with the NCDC Health Division served the notice of condemnation and made recommendations for the shop management to pack their freezer goods with appropriate packaging attached with price tags, or allocate a frozen meat section as properly demonstrated by other shops.

The shop’s management was warned that should a similar offence occur under the Food Regulation and Sanitation Law, they would be sued and fined with a hefty penalty or forfeiture of their trading license.

The condemned frozen meat products were donated to the RSPCA to feed their dogs.


Carol Kidu