Moore Printing

Moore Printing backs RSPCA

“We see value in the work that the RSPCA does for our sometimes forgotten members of the community,” executive assistant and community relations manager, Telitah Benn, said.

“For many years now, the RSPCA has also helped us at Moore look after our own dogs and we appreciate that! We want to make sure our assistance to the RSPCA is worthwhile.

Fight against cancer taken to Papa and Lealea in Hiri West District

Working in partnership with ExxonMobil PNG, the Foundation conducted free cancer screening and awareness at the London Missionary Society (LMS) Church on Papa village today.

The program’s primary focus in the two villages was on cancer awareness and prevention of which free mouth and breast cancer screening was given today for the people of Papa village.

Awareness of cervical and breast cancer is also being carried out through a series of workshops while the screening is going on.