Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation (PNGCF)

Cancer education at Porebada Primary School

The HTSP is a school-based cancer education and awareness program that focuses on empowering teenagers to make healthy lifestyle choices as a way to reduce their risk of getting cancer in the future.

When asked about the relevance of the HTS Program to students in school, Executive Manager of PNGCF, Priscillar Napoleon, said: “Students have to be empowered with the knowledge to make personal healthy lifestyle choices and the HTS Program encourages students to make positive lifestyle choices before they are influenced by peer pressure”.

Cancer Foundation sponsorship renewed

This renewed sponsorship with JM Ocean Avenue will extend the work of the Foundation into more communities throughout Port Moresby and Central Province.

“JMOA is happy to continue sponsoring the community education and awareness workshops in 2019,” said JMOA branch manager, Patricia Agaru.

The workshops are conducted to encourage individuals to reduce their risk of cancer by choosing to make healthy lifestyle choices such as; Don’t Chew Betel, Don’t Smoke, Reduce Alcohol, Eat Healthy & Exercise Regularly. 

Cancer foundation announces sponsor

JMOA will be backing the Community Outreach Prevention Education Program (COPEP).

“In 2016 JMOA came on board to sponsor the cancer education & awareness workshops held in Port Moresby under a three year partnership,” said Patricia Agaru, JMOA branch manager.

“While this year will be the final year of the 3 year partnership, JMOA is happy to continue sponsoring the cancer education & awareness workshops in Port Moresby beyond 2018.”

Marianville students encouraged

60 students from Marianville were present at the Healthy Teens School Program (HTSP) and the Cancer Education & Awareness Workshop (CEAW) at the Taurama Aquatic Centre on Friday, 18th August.

Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation (PNGCF) Health Educator, Jacob Oburi, conducted the Healthy Teens School Program in the first session, educating them on how to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) states that 30 percent of cancer cases are preventable,” Oburi said.

Educate your friends, family about cancer: PNGCF

The event was at the Royal Papua Yacht Club on Monday, 7th August, in recognition of Daffodil Campaign Month.

PNGCF CEO Mr Dadi Toka Jr opened the first workshop and thanked the participants for taking the initiative to learn about cancer prevention.

“During the Daffodil Campaign, the Foundation focuses on empowering Papua New Guineans to reduce their risk of developing cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices,” Toka said in his opening speech.

​EMPNG throws support behind cancer foundation

ExxonMobil PNG, on behalf of PNG LNG, has contributed K165,000 towards PNG Cancer Foundation’s Healthy Teens School Program (HTSP). This brings ExxonMobil PNG’s support to K269,700 for PNGCF awareness programs since 2014.

The partnership will see the program rolled out to schools in Papa Lealea, Hanuabada, Baruni, Boera, Tatana, Porebada, Port Moresby, Hides and Moro. 

Cancer awareness conducted to students in Lae

The cancer fight was aimed basically at schools to provide cancer education and community awareness programs this week.

PNGCF Health Educator Jacob Oburi conducted the first Healthy Teens School Program (HTSP) for 2017 at Bubia Lutheran Primary School on Tuesday, April 4 and at the Christ the King School on Wednesday, April 5.

The HTSP workshop focuses on encouraging teens to reduce their risk of cancer by making healthy lifestyle choices today. The workshop was well received by the students that attended. 

New vaccination to fight cervical cancer

The Gardasil vaccination, also called Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccine, enables the body to protect itself against most types of cervical cancer and genital warts and is most effective when given to young girls before the onset of sexual activity.

HPV is one of the main contributing factors to cervical cancer.

Eligible girls will receive two doses of the vaccination 6 months apart.

At the airport to receive the 3 pallets of vaccines were Dr Edward Waramin (NDOH Adolescent Health Manager), Dr Julia Stinshoff and Johnny Arava (NDOH Acting EPI Manager).

Mausgras Campaign ends

The Mausgras campaign aimed to change the way of thinking and give men the opportunity and confidence to learn and talk about men’s cancer, promoting action when needed.

In a statement, the Foundation said: “The PNGCF wants to encourage the men of PNG to start the conversation about cancer and educate them on how they can protect themselves, their families and friends from the disease.

Fight against cancer taken to Papa and Lealea in Hiri West District

Working in partnership with ExxonMobil PNG, the Foundation conducted free cancer screening and awareness at the London Missionary Society (LMS) Church on Papa village today.

The program’s primary focus in the two villages was on cancer awareness and prevention of which free mouth and breast cancer screening was given today for the people of Papa village.

Awareness of cervical and breast cancer is also being carried out through a series of workshops while the screening is going on.