private companies netball competition

BSP, Moore Printing in PCNC final decider

In yesterday’s match of the premier division, Bank South Pacific after recovering from its loss in week one of the semifinal held off Nambawan Super Limited 23 points to 13 to set up the grand final stage against Moore Printing.

The BSP team came strong, firing on court both in attack and defense holding onto their lead through to the end. They are expected to continue this superb form heading into their grand final. 

PCNC to resume competition

With the anticipation building, teams are expected to bring their A-game as they enter the second phase of the competition heading into the thrilling finals. PCNC outlines the roadmap for the season's completion, including three remaining regular-round games, grand final fixtures across all divisions.

PCNC emphasizes the importance of preparation, urging all team members to resume training and get organized. A reminder to stay mindful of the changing weather and prioritize hydration during both training sessions and game time.

Moore edge out PC in final show

The premier division match grand final of the Private Companies Netball Competition, was entertaining, as the agile Moore Printing team made up of talented and skillful youngsters were too fast in the mid-court, running rings around the Post-Courier ladies to a good start, but in a close contest.

Moore’s Goal-Attack Mary Leka was superb under the rings as she took her team to the lead into the first quarter 6-2. 

PCNC getting ready for finals

Outstanding games will be played this Saturday, 4th of February, 2023. On the 11th of February, top 4 Playoff 1 and on the 18th of February will be the top 4 Playoff 2.

In the Premier Division, Moore Printing 1 is leading by 24 points, separated by a point is BSP 1 on 2nd place with 23 points. Reigning premiers Post Courier are on 3rd spot with 22 points and on 4th placing is NSL 1 with 16 points, who will fight hard to keep their final hopes alive.

Private companies’ netball resume

This will be the third game of round two with two more games remaining before the finals.

Outstanding games will be played on 5th of February, for teams whose games have been differed. 

President Julie Mai said the top four teams will proceed into the finals. It will be a moment of truth as all teams are vying for the top four positions in their respective divisions.

“Players who have played three games and more are eligible to play in the finals, hence must ensure their players have played enough games to qualify for the finals,” she said.

Private companies netball completes season


(Div 1) Pro-Clean 18 Boroko Motors 17, (Div 2) Post-Courier 15 QBE 11, (Div 3) Nambawan Super 10 Bishop 8, (Div 4) Marsh Ltd 19 Hotel Hodava 11, (Div 5) Kayutoki 28 PNG Dockyard 8, (Div 6) PWC 16 Holiday Inn 14, (Div 7) Kenmore 16 MoniPlus 13, (Div 8) BNBM 19 Caveman Construction 3, (Div 9) LD Logistics 16 Hanamoa Pearls 14 (Div 10) Kenmore 15 BSP 10 (Div 11) ANZ Bank 13 Curtain Bros 11, (Div 12) ExxonMobil PNG 14 PNG Ports 9, (Div 13) MRDC 12 Stephens Printing 11, (Div 14) National Sports Trust Ltd 16 Kimelo Productions 7.

PCNC getting bigger

President of the PCNC, Kori Toua Navuru said there are now 15 divisions this season because of the addition of 13 new teams.

The new teams include City Pharmacy (2), Ginigoada Foundation, MRDC, Monier Limited (1) and (2) and PNG Ports (2).

Today saw the completion of week two of trials.

“We’ve had a good turnout in the last two weekends of trials with 75-80 teams turning up to play on Sundays.

“We had 14 divisions last season. The competition is getting bigger and bigger.”

Private companies netball starts first week of games

President Kori Toua Navuru says there are 92 teams from 79 companies that are taking part this season.

There are 15 divisions, including the premier division in the competition.

“We had about two weeks of trials and have kick started the competition today,” said Navuru.