Online abuse

Spike in abuse noted during quarterfinal

FIFA released the report on the United Nations International Day for Countering Hate Speech on June 18th.

According to the report, 38 percent of identifiable abuse came from accounts based in Europe, with 36 percent from South America.

FIFA releases online abuse report

This was based on findings from its social media protection service tool.

The report is published days after FIFA President Gianni Infantino met with Vinícius Júnior – the victim of several shocking racism incidents while playing for his club this season – to discuss how football responds to discriminatory issues.

Abuse of footballers highlighted

The report highlights the increasing degree of abuse directed at footballers across social media platforms during international tournaments.

Child abuse site creator jailed for 30 years

Steven Chase set up the Playpen site on the Tor dark web network in early 2014.

By the time it was shut down a year later it had more than 150,000 users and hosted more than 50,000 images and videos.

The FBI said the removal of Playpen had led to almost 300 abused children being identified or rescued.

Monkey advertised for sale on social media rescued

Officers found Lola living in "hugely inappropriate conditions" in a house in Blaenymaes, Swansea.

She was running loose in the living room with a cage and a UV lamp in the corner, along with a dog she would often try to attack.

She now lives at a wildlife centre with other monkeys. RSPCA wants a ban on keeping primates as pets in Wales.

RSPCA Inspector, Neill Manley, said: "Sadly, some people like the idea of keeping a monkey as a pet, but this is another example of how unsuitable they are.

Caution! The celebs who are wary of Twitter

Watson is playing the lead role in The Circle, the film adaptation of Dave Eggers's novel about an all-seeing tech corporation.

She plays a graduate who joins Hanks's company and soon finds herself joining an experiment that pushes the boundaries of privacy and ethics.

Watson said at the New York premiere: "For my sanity, I cannot, I just cannot even go there (reading comments)."

Facebook launches tools to combat revenge porn

The term refers to non-consensual pornography that's distributed online to shame, exploit or extort its victims.

And on Wednesday, the company said it would apply photo-matching to ensure intimate, nonconsensual images that are reported once aren't able to be uploaded again through Facebook's properties, including Messenger and Instagram.

Anti-bullying campaigners call for a ban on chatbot app

Now there are calls by anti-bullying campaigners to ban the app in the UK too.

The app, called SimSimi, can be "taught" responses by any user when certain names or words are typed in.

It means that users - many of whom are school pupils - are getting abusive replies when they type their own names in to the app.

"I think they have a duty of care of suspend the service for all young people," says Liam Hackett of anti-bullying campaign Ditch the Label.

"Their content is predominantly negative, abusive, sexually graphic or violent."

Child porn case dropped to prevent FBI disclosure

The Playpen site was located on the Tor network which is used to anonymise web-browsing activity.

The FBI found a way around this to reveal the users' real IP addresses and led to 200 prosecutions.

But it refused to reveal to the court how it managed the feat.

The site was located on the Tor network which many people use to browse the web anonymously. It conceals their location and identity by routing their connections through a chain of different computers and encrypting data in the process.

Tragedy of a woman destroyed by viral sex videos

In April 2015, the 31-year-old from Mugnano, on the outskirts of Naples, sent a series of sex videos to five people via WhatsApp. The recipients included her boyfriend Sergio Di Palo, with whom she had an unstable relationship.

The videos showed her performing sex acts with a number of unidentified men.

"She was beautiful but fragile," remembers Teresa Petrosino, a friend for 15 years. "She was with the wrong people at the wrong time."