Royal PNG Constabulary

Commissioner satisfied with Tari’s progress

After speaking with the Hela Provincial Police Commander, Luke Wally, Gari Baki said: "I am indeed very satisfied with the outcome of this election period and I hope this continues throughout the polling period as well.”

Commissioner Baki said despite public perception, Hela has been relatively quiet, apart from the one or two incidents in recent weeks.

The elections needed to be taken seriously, stated the commissioner.

“Everyone must make sure that it is delivered successfully in their respective regions.”

​Election committee to meet with provincial officials

As a result, a meeting has been organised for the members of the Inter-Departmental Election Committee (IDEC), heads of the three disciplinary forces, the chief secretary and the Electoral Commissioner. They will meet with the electoral officials and Provincial Police Commanders of each of the provinces in the region.

The idea is to move within the provinces and have a one-on-one discussion with officials about their responsibilities.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said this is make sure the election process is followed diligently.

Cowards pick on the innocent: Police boss

“Real criminals are out there. Bashing up innocent victims is the work of incompetent officers,” Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi told Loop PNG.

“The real coppers go after criminals. It’s cowards who pick on the innocent.”

He has given his assurance that the perpetrators, including the police station commanders of Waigani and Badili, will be disciplined.

​Another police brutality victim speaks up

Avara Jack, from Vabukori village in the nation’s capital, nearly lost his life on Saturday, May 27, after police officers allegedly bashed him up and stabbed him in the back with a cracked bottle neck.

According to his father’s statement to the Royal PNG Constabulary, Avara was brutally assaulted just because he was in the company of someone (name withheld) who had yelled insulting remarks to a Minister during a political rally.

“The MP’s committee called the police to sort out the disturbance by this individual,” says Jack Rau.

​Police deny reports of rise in hijacked vehicles

This was stressed by the Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, after the growing number of posts about vehicles getting held up and stolen on the NCD Alert Facebook page.

Turi said his officers are doing a good job around the city, such as the setting up of roadblocks, and they need to be praised for keeping the city quiet since the start of the election period.

“There is no increase and the crime rate is at a manageable and low level, although there is still room for improvement.”

​No cash handouts to police at roadblocks

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, says all police officers are paid for their jobs and it is against their conduct to accept, let alone ask for, any money from the public at roadblocks.

He also states, police roadblocks are not a new thing to residents in the nation’s capital, therefore people shouldn’t act surprised when approaching one.

“All vehicles will be searched for criminals or weapons or if the driver and his passengers are under the influence of alcohol,” Turi states.

​‘NCD Alert’ FB page misleading: Turi

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi says the number of posts about the stolen motor vehicles do not match the reports that are filed every day at the police stations.

“Such pages are good but can also be misleading and give a bad name to the force,” states Turi.

“We have vehicle problems but we are still managing to push through the bad publicity on social media.”

Turi adds that his men are already struggling with the limited resource available.

Murder suspect rearrested in surprise raid

Provincial Police Commander Laimo Asi said the suspect, from Tapini, had escaped from police custody earlier this year for murdering his wife, and was hiding in the house.

“Just as well we conducted the unexpected raid and caught them off guard,” stated the PPC.

Police also arrested a man for possessing an unlicensed firearm.

They attained a search warrant to search the offender’s home and the firearm was confiscated.

Meanwhile, Asi said the election operations are progressing well and will continue into the polling period.

Manus police call for peaceful campaigns

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said campaigns should be conducted without threats, intimidation or any form of violence.

He said police will come down hard on those who use violence during the campaign period.

PPC Yapu made the appeal after there were reports of a gunshot being heard during an election campaign in one of the villages on the mainland.

He said police are now investigating the incident, which took place at Kapou village, in the Penabu Nalisopat LLG.

A complete report will be made soon.

​Over 600 police personnel to man province

Chimbu Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Seine, revealed that 18 Correctional Service officers from Kerowagi will join the police operation in the province.

“This is with support from other neighbouring provinces,” he stated. 

PPC Seine said although there were minor incidents during the nomination and campaign period, generally, the province has been quiet.

The PPC said the peaceful nomination and campaign period in Chimbu has shown that people’s attitudes have changed for the better, and he predicts the same for polling and counting.