​Election committee to meet with provincial officials

The Highlands region of PNG has been considered very high risk during election times, based on reports and public perception.

As a result, a meeting has been organised for the members of the Inter-Departmental Election Committee (IDEC), heads of the three disciplinary forces, the chief secretary and the Electoral Commissioner. They will meet with the electoral officials and Provincial Police Commanders of each of the provinces in the region.

The idea is to move within the provinces and have a one-on-one discussion with officials about their responsibilities.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki said this is make sure the election process is followed diligently.

"Of course, they will be supported by the three disciplinary forces who have been deployed since last week," Baki said.

He states that as soon as polling begins, the rest of the polling security would have been fully deployed to the venues.

He adds that the meeting should encourage them to make sure that the public perception about illegal activities is disposed of and they should be encouraged to do their duties professionally.

The meeting targets the five highlands provinces based on assessments made by intelligence.

"This is also a message to our people of the Highlands region that it is their election and they must take responsibility on how the process should be carried out rightfully," Baki adds.

Yesterday morning, a contingent flew into Kagamuga Airport in Mt Hagen then made a transition flight by helicopter to Tari town, where they will rest for the night and hold the first meeting this morning.

After that, the contingent will move down to Southern Highlands where the next meeting will take place.

These gatherings with the provincial officials will continue to the rest of the provinces as the week progresses.

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Annette Kora