​Police deny reports of rise in hijacked vehicles

​There has been no increase in the number of Stolen Motor Vehicles (SMV) in the nation’s capital.

This was stressed by the Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi, after the growing number of posts about vehicles getting held up and stolen on the NCD Alert Facebook page.

Turi said his officers are doing a good job around the city, such as the setting up of roadblocks, and they need to be praised for keeping the city quiet since the start of the election period.

“There is no increase and the crime rate is at a manageable and low level, although there is still room for improvement.”

He further expressed his disappointment about the number of people posting about the stolen vehicles, but are yet to file a complaint at a police station.

He noted that over the weekend, only two SMV reports were filed. He encouraged the general public to always file a report at the nearest police station so that it goes on record and police are made aware, before going on social media.

“However, I do urge and encourage the general public to be cautious at all cost when moving around in the city, especially during the night.”

Meanwhile, election operations in the city have been running smoothly, with no major incidents reported over the weekend.

Annette Kora