Royal PNG Constabulary

Police discipline subject of scrutiny: Baki

A disappointed Commissioner of Police said this in relation to the Dog Unit Directorate being suspended from operational duties in the Nation’s Capital. This was over allegations made by the general public about cases of harassment.

Gari Baki expressed grave concern with officers not conforming to disciplinary formalities and the requirements of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

He said the behaviour of a particular division from the Dog Unit was uncalled for.

A new level of response

PPV Manning and PPV Duwang have been dedicated by Commissioner Gari Baki to assistant commissioners David Manning and Tony Duwang.

The vessels are fitted with the latest Garmin navigational systems, safety and towing equipment including fire pumps and first aid supplies including defibrillators.

Both vessels are powered by twin Yamaha 250hp 4 stroke outboard engines, capable of top speed in excess of 40 knots with a fuel capacity of 700 litres.

Rotary Club donates 'Jaws of Life' to Police

The contraption is used to help rescue or free victims trapped inside vehicles involved in accidents.

“The Rotary Club of Port Moresby is giving the Jaws of Life to Police in PNG because they always respond first to accidents, disasters and emergencies,” says International Director for Rotary Club of Port Moresby, Ernest Lohberger.

The presentation of the mechanical equipment at the police headquarters in Port Moresby on Tuesday (Feb 27) was commended by Deputy Police Commissioner and Chief of Operations, Jim Andrews.

Minister calls on police to be honest

Minister Manase, who is also the Member for Kandep Open in the Enga Province, made this comment when officiating at the graduation parade for 234 police recruits at the Bomana Police College last Friday.

“It is a huge responsibility you have as policemen and policewomen but you are expected to live up to the expectations of the job. Don’t make any excuses,” Minister Manase said.

“No one forced you to join the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary. You joined on your own free will.

Boost to police FSV unit

A new system is set to be officially launched.

The Royal PNG Constabulary FSV database is set to make policing under this unit much more convenient and up-to-date – with data and records just a click away.

This system was designed to hold records and integrate all FSV posts across the NCD command, thus gathering information and records of survivors, perpetrators as well as the number of cases a police officer has.

Police managing disciplinary issues: Tamari

Superintendent Operations-Administration, Chris Tamari, said police is managing issues involving police brutality.

“The only deterrent means is to deal with them head on.”

He said the command will come down hard on these officers.

According to the NDC metropolitan superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, seven officers were summoned to his office over claims of brutality earlier this week.

“Seven of them will be charged,” he said.

He adds that over the past weekend, he suspended two police officers as well.

Massive police awareness campaign for 2018

Commissioner Gari Baki says the initiative will start in the New Year.

“This awareness campaign is aimed at promoting transparency and accountability in all facets of police administration and operations whilst at the same time, inform and educate members of the public on law and order issues and their rights and responsibilities.

Police ops to be heightened nationwide

In his Christmas and New Year message, Police Commissioner Gari Baki said Papua New Guinea is celebrating its 42nd Christmas as a united nation of a thousand tribes this year.

“As a nation we have come a long way. But the road ahead is still long and filled with many challenges,” he stated.

“Whatever the future holds for our country, we stand a better chance of meeting the challenges together as one people and a united country.

VC management hails police officers

Constables Tom Yako, Wesley Nepos, Gabriel Kiwa, Pulaip Nuli, Nayman Oiye and Temo Pepo, led by Snr constable Keith Sapu, have shown true dedication since being attached with the VC police post.

Police post is an initiative of the VC management to assist the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary in keeping Port Moresby safe.

Established in November 2016, the police post provides another launching point for the police personnel to respond from, bridging the gap between the Gordon and Waigani police stations.

Command crunches down on disciplinary issues

This is due to the magnitude and the number of personnel in the command in the nation’s capital.

Superintendent Operations-Administration, Chris Tamari, said discipline matters have been a serious concern to the police hierarchy and command.

Tamari commended the outgoing metropolitan superintendent, Ben Turi, for his strength and character in his effort in dealing with disciplinary issues whilst still in office.