Commissioner satisfied with Tari’s progress

The Police Commissioner has expressed his satisfaction on the progress of the election period in Tari, Hela Province.

After speaking with the Hela Provincial Police Commander, Luke Wally, Gari Baki said: "I am indeed very satisfied with the outcome of this election period and I hope this continues throughout the polling period as well.”

Commissioner Baki said despite public perception, Hela has been relatively quiet, apart from the one or two incidents in recent weeks.

The elections needed to be taken seriously, stated the commissioner.

“Everyone must make sure that it is delivered successfully in their respective regions.”

He commended the troops that have been on ground since day one and encouraged them to continue their excellent work in Hela.

Baki reiterated that he is happy with the Highlands region, adding that he is satisfied that the PPCs have been able to identify possible problem areas in those electorates.

"That's the comfort I have and it also gives them that opportunity to direct and re-direct resources where necessary to stand by in the event when something happens."

Baki said the Hela PPC has given indication that Tari-Pori Open will be considered a hotspot electorate for this election.

Annette Kora