Cowards pick on the innocent: Police boss

The National Capital District police boss has condemned the actions of officers involved in the recent assault of a doctor and a Vabukori man.

“Real criminals are out there. Bashing up innocent victims is the work of incompetent officers,” Metropolitan Superintendent Ben Turi told Loop PNG.

“The real coppers go after criminals. It’s cowards who pick on the innocent.”

He has given his assurance that the perpetrators, including the police station commanders of Waigani and Badili, will be disciplined.

Dr Newman Berry was assaulted, without good reason, on May 31 where he suffered major injuries to his head and face, including visual impairment, perforated eardrum and broken nose. His car was also ransacked while being impounded at the Waigani Police Station.

Avara Jack, from Vabukori village in the nation’s capital, nearly lost his life on Saturday, May 27, after police officers allegedly bashed him up and stabbed him in the back with a cracked bottle neck.

Both cases have been handed over to the Police Internal Investigation Unit.

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