Royal PNG Constabulary

Taser guns, rubber bullets for police personnel

These are some of the initiatives that will be applied by the Royal PNG Constabulary in policing, especially when it involves tense situations. It is hoped these measures will limit the escalation of violence.

There have been numerous incidents where members of the public are killed by police during confrontations or unrests. The most recent shooting death occurred at Erima on September 28th when settlers clashed with members of the force.

New acting police commissioner

This follows a National Executive Council decision to revoke the acting appointment of Francis Tokura.

Police Minister Bryan Kramer said the National Executive Council made the decision on the night of September 2nd to reinstate Francis Tokura to his substantive position as the deputy commissioner of police in the Autonomous Region of Bougainville as well as the chief of Bougainville Police Service.

Normalcy restored at RPNGC

Police Minister Bryan Kramer gave the assurance during a press conference today at the Police Headquarters.

Acting Police Commissioner, Francis Tokura, acting Deputy Police Commissioner – Operations, David Manning, and acting Deputy Police Commissioner – Administration, Joanne Clarkson, will all serve for a period of three months.

Constant changes negatively affecting RPNGC: Baki

Acting Police Commissioner, Gari Baki, said within the last 13 years, the RPNGC has had 13 police commissioners – six permanent appointments and seven acting appointments.

“If it continues like this, this Constabulary will never build a house,” Baki said in yesterday’s press briefing.

The July 7th briefing followed a directive from Police Minister, Bryan Kramer, for Baki to stop work, while Deputy Police Commissioners Jim Andrews and Raphael Huafolo were replaced after their contracts expired on July 4th.

Expect change within RPNGC: Minister

A change in attitude and greater accountability should be anticipated, but the community has also been urged to play their part.

“Not only in public accountability but assisting with the Force in addressing crime,” Kramer said in a press briefing on the 18th of June.

Kramer gave as an example the recent apprehension of a suspect who was allegedly sexually abusing a six-year-old girl. The case came to light after a concerned citizen posted on Facebook.

RPNGC pledges to achieve Govt’s bold vision

During Monday’s handover-takeover ceremony and ministerial brief for police minister, Commissioner Gari Baki said the RPNGC’s Corporate Plan 2011-2020 aligns with the government’s broader plans, including PNG Vision 2050, PNG Development Strategic Plan 2010-2030 and the Medium Term Development Plan (MTDPs).

“It also captures the recommendations of the Police Administrative Review 2004 and the PNG Law & Justice Integrity Review 2011,” stated Baki.

Improving police visibility, presence

The police commissioner outlined their intention during the recent launch of the NCD Policing Initiative.

The NCD Policing Initiative is all about going back to basics where supervision, command and control and accountability are the key aspects.

Dividing the city into three operational zones will ensure manpower and resources are identified and allocated to these newly-demarcated police operational boundaries.

First constable acquitted of wilful murder

The Wewak National Court handed down the court decision to French William, of Western Highlands, on Thursday 18th April.

First Constable William was arrested in 2014 for his alleged involvement in the murder of one Othoniel Kapris.

Investigations revealed that the male victim was beaten to death while being detained at the Maprik Police Station Cell block 1.

William had reportedly picked up Kapris and a group of others on the 14th August of 2014, when he responded to a commotion at the Top Hill area of Maprik Town.

Police officers need to be aware of human rights

Royal PNG Constabulary Deputy Commissioner Administrations, Raphael Huafolo, said this during the closing of the human rights & law enforcement training this afternoon.

Huafolo thanked the United Nations Human Rights for the opportunity to train senior officers to improve their conduct whilst enforcing the law.

He also challenged the Provincial Police Commanders, Metropolitan Superintendents and Superintendent Operations to better manage issues in their jurisdiction instead of blaming the hierarchy.

Police will investigate alleged assassination plot against Kramer: Baki

Commissioner of Police, Gari Baki, said to date, no report of this alleged plot was reported to police but Kramer, like every other national leader, can be accorded police protection if the allegations are proven to be credible.

His statement follows a social media post by Kramer where he said: “I was contacted by former Chairman of Anti-corruption Task Sweep Sam Koim to inform me he had received reliable intelligence that individuals with political connections were planning to have me assassinated.