New police unit to focus on ex-service personnel

A unit within the Royal PNG Constabulary will be formed to oversee and administer all issues concerning retirement pensions and welfare for all ex-members of the Constabulary.

Acting Commissioner David Manning announced this when the RPNGC executive management met with former Police Commissioner and High Commissioner to the Philippines, Ambassador Anthony Wagambie and former Assistant Police Commissioner, Giosi Labi, to discuss ways to improve the management of all police pensions.

The two retired senior police officers were invited to the Commissioner’s office on October 30th to share their experiences and the difficulties they were having with collecting their monthly pensions and how best the current RPNGC management can assist in resolving these problems.

Acting Commissioner Manning said the RPNGC, in conforming to the government’s intent to accord retired public servants the golden handshake for their sacrifice, loyalty and service to the nation, will now form the ex-service personnel unit to take charge of these issues.

The Constabulary will recruit the services of experienced retired senior officers on short term contracts to work in this unit to oversee and administer all issues concerning welfare and pensions for all ex service personnel.

“The government’s intent is to give back in appreciation and we are conforming to this government objective by taking into consideration the interests of our ex-members who deserve a greater recognition for the sacrifices they have made,” Manning stated.

“It is sometimes frustrating when pensioners are not paid on time and they have to pay for their own airline tickets to travel into Port Moresby to follow up. It is frustrating when our pensioners are unfairly treated by the system and the attitude of people in the system who don’t value how much these veterans have contributed to the state and the people of this nation.

“We will create the ex-service personnel unit and specifically task them with the responsibility of ensuring that constant dialogue with the RPNGC management, and other relevant state entities such as Departments of Personnel Management, Finance and Treasury is maintained and that all enquiries are expeditiously attended to, and funds secured and paid to the ex-servicemen and women in a timely manner.

“At present, the Constabulary is facing some problems with audit and identification of ex-members and their spouses, funding accountability and other grey areas which need to be looked at.

“We want to look at insurance cover for the pensioners and their spouses, introduce viable investment opportunities which the pensioners can explore and partake in by using their superannuation benefits and many more.

“We will draw on the experience of some of our ex-senior officers of the Constabulary including former Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners and Assistant Commissioners to brainstorm and put this policy together.”

(Royal PNG Constabulary headquarters at Konedobu, NCD)

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