Police Minister Bryan Kramer

Police Minister refutes drug bust claims

He has specifically responded to allegations made against him, the Commissioner of Police (CoP) David Manning, and Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) Donald Yamasombi.

The Minister said: “At this point I can confirm that, firstly, DCP Donald Yamasombi had no part in the drug smuggling operation or attempted to cover it up. This is confirmed by the fact Australian Federal Police (AFP) were aware of the persons involved, and DCP Yamasmobi was clearly not one of them, otherwise he would be the last person they would contact and share information with.

Those facing arrest have rights: Police Minister

Police Minister Bryan Kramer recently highlighted that those who are facing arrest also have the right to respond to allegations levelled against them.

Following the recent incident between Madang Governor Peter Yama and members of the Royal PNG Constabulary, Minister Kramer says there is no need to avoid police, especially if the individual is facing arrest.

Kramer responds to complaint against him

A letter of complaint by Chief Justice Sir Gibbs Salika was received by the acting Police Commissioner on November 12th, urging them to investigate Kramer’s Facebook post regarding his role in referring a matter for Justice Nicholas Miviri to deal with.

Govt eyes measures to address urban drift

While the Supreme Court has held the vagrancy act to be unconstitutional, Police Minister Bryan Kramer says there are existing provisions within the law where police and judiciary can use to address this social problem.

The uncontrolled movement of people into cities, better known as urban drift, exerts pressure on the limited resources of these areas. One good example is the manpower shortage of the NCD police, where the ratio of police to people is 1 is to 1,000.

Normalcy restored at RPNGC

Police Minister Bryan Kramer gave the assurance during a press conference today at the Police Headquarters.

Acting Police Commissioner, Francis Tokura, acting Deputy Police Commissioner – Operations, David Manning, and acting Deputy Police Commissioner – Administration, Joanne Clarkson, will all serve for a period of three months.