Expect change within RPNGC: Minister

Citizens will see significant change within the Royal PNG Constabulary in the next three months, says Police Minister Bryan Kramer.

A change in attitude and greater accountability should be anticipated, but the community has also been urged to play their part.

“Not only in public accountability but assisting with the Force in addressing crime,” Kramer said in a press briefing on the 18th of June.

Kramer gave as an example the recent apprehension of a suspect who was allegedly sexually abusing a six-year-old girl. The case came to light after a concerned citizen posted on Facebook.

“A member of the public has taken the initiative. He was not personally connected to the victim or the family, or anyone to do with the family.

“He was made aware of it through a third party, he was genuinely concerned, he took the initiative to post it on social media, which caught my attention, and I was able to bring it to the attention of the rank and file of police.”

Kramer pointed out that most times, cases are reported but with minimal detail, which only sends police out on a wild goose chase, further compounding their issue of strained resources.

On the issue of police brutality, Kramer said members of the public are also guilty of the same offence.

“In relation to the brutality of their own members within the community,” he explained.

“So unfortunately it has been a culture in PNG, just like gender-based violence. So it’ll take some time.”

Firstly, before he starts effecting changes, the Minister says he will have to map out the force by understanding the functions of each division, meeting their rank and file and gaining a better understanding of the issues and challenges they face.

Carmella Gware