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Pacific islands urged to regulate use of oceans as dumping ground

Much of our dialogue about waste disposal is, understandably, focused on the waste that we can see as we go about our day-to-day lives.

PNG PM shrugs off outstanding warrant

PNG PM shrugs off outstanding warrant

The PNG anti-corruption watchdog issued a warrant for O'Neill's arrest in June 2014.

The outstanding warrant relates to allegations O'Neill personally authorised the illegal payment of about $31 million (US$22.8 million) to law firm Paul Paraka lawyers.

O'Neill said that the legal case was taking its course.

“Show me where I have received one toea (PNG coins) or one Kina (cash currency) and I will resign tomorrow,” he told the National Press Club in Canberra on Thursday.

He insisted the lawyer concerned was employed by the previous government.

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Peter O’Neill calls Manus centre a problem that should end

Papua New Guinea's prime minister says Australia's asylum seeker detention centre on Manus Island is a problem that has damaged his country's reputation.

Sirinumu water level at critical stage

PNG PM calls Manus centre a problem that should end

Addressing the National Press Club during a visit to Canberra, Mr O'Neill also said the facility must eventually close, saying people can't remain on Manus forever.

The newspaper, The Age, reports him saying his government cannot afford to resettle those found to be refugees, fuelling concern that many more men will continue to languish on the remote northern island.

Since 2013 Manus has been hosting hundreds of asylum seekers who attempted to reach Australia before being intercepted by its naval forces and transferred to Manus for offshore processing.

O’Neill’s arrest warrant trial vacated

The Supreme Court this afternoon allowed a temporary stay of the judicial review which was set to take place on March 3 at the National Court.

This is the case of the Judicial Review Proceeding that was filed by former Police Commissioner Geoffrey Vaki against Chief Magistrate Nerrie Eliakim over the manner in which the District Court issued the arrest warrant for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

The judicial review proceeding filed in 2014 seeks to quash the order of the District Court when it issued the arrest warrant against PM O’Neill.

National Stadium set for grand opening

The stadium will play host to the trial match between SP PNG Hunters and New Sales Wales Cup Penrith Panthers.

It will be officially opened by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill at 5:35pm with the match official kick off at 5:45pm.

The K170 million infrastructure looks ready with red and gray colored seats at the north, south and eastern stands sitting a total of 10,000 people.

The main grand stand has 3184 seats and canopy roofing.

The green playing turf is ready for the players with perfectly trimmed grass.

PM’s lawyers appeal against joiner in High Court

The application was moved by Mal Varitimos in court today before Justice Sir Bernard Sakora, one day after a trial date was set at the National Court for the Judicial Review into the manner in which the warrant against the Prime Minister was obtained from the District Court in 2014.

The trial date at the National Court was set for March 3.

Director of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate Matthew Damaru and his deputy Director Timothy Gitua were allowed joiner in the proceeding by Justice Collin Makail on Dec 7,2015.

Why is PM and Pruaitch hiding the truth

Polye was responding to the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his Treasury Minister Patrick Pruaitch, who lashed out at the Bank of Papua New Guinea for forecasting a revenue shortfall of over K12 billion from the extractive sector in 2016 Budget due to the downturn in commodity prices.

In a media statement Polye  asked PM O’Neill and his Treasury Minister  why they had criticised the Bank of Papua New Guinea, when they were telling lies and  misleading the people.

PM extends greetings to Aussies

PM O'Neill said Papua New Guinea-Australia relations are in the best shape now than at any time in the 40 years of the relationship.

"I extend to all Australians, and especially to Australians living in Papua New Guinea, my best wishes, and those of the government, and all of our people, best wishes for Australia Day 2016," the Prime Minister said.

"The relationship continues to mature, constantly evolving and diversifying, in a way that is mutually beneficial to the peoples of both nations.

PM condemns attacks in Jakarta

On behalf of the people and Government of Papua New Guinea, the Prime Minister extended condolences to the families of people who have lost their lives in the attacks.

“The senseless violence that has occurred in Jakarta is disturbing,” the Prime Minister said.

“These disgraceful attacks against innocent people, members of the public who were simply going about their business and police on duty, are an outrage.

“Papua New Guinea offers sincere condolences to the families of two people who have been murdered.