Prime Minister Peter O'Neill

O’Neill to officially open Kenu and Kundu festival

Preparations have already been made for the event and the Prime Minister’s visit.

Chairman of the Kenu and Kundu festival Henry Benoma says it is a great honour for the people of Milne Bay for giving the Prime Minister the  task to officially open the event.

“We have already let every corner of the province from the highest mountain to the islands know about the Prime Minister’s visit and they are excited about his trip,” he said.

No confidence motion to be filed next week

The Opposition’s legal advisers were consulted and they are getting the notice signed.

The notice as required by the standing orders of parliament is signed by at least 11 MPs.

The defective notice was signed by the 10 MPs in Opposition and five members of the National Alliance Party (NA)and two from the People’s National Congress (PNC).

O’Neill’s spendings make people suffer: Sir Mekere

In a media statement released on Thursday, Sir Mekere says O’Neill’s limitless spending will cause  major turbulence in the country. 

“Reckless spending, illegal and wasteful borrowing, the raiding of national institutions like MVIL, Ok Tedi and NPCP to satisfy his spending appetite, and misapplication of billions of kina that should be used for national development have now combined to create a turbulent storm,” he said.

Speaker rejects Opposition anti-PM move

Ganasi made this announcement as the first order of business this morning.

He says the notice was not deliberated on by the Permanent Parliamentary Committee on Private Business because most of the members were unavailable for a meeting. 

He says section 23 subsection 4 gives him powers to determine the notice in the absence of the committee.

Ganasi says the notice was defective and therefore he rejected it.

After this announcement the leader of government business James Marape was asked to make a statement.

Parliament to discuss anti-corruption bill

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill revealed this today at a press conference in Port Moresby.

He challenged members of parliament who were always vocal on corruption issues in the country to support the government and pass the bill.

“Those people who talked about corruption and think that they are the pillars of the corruption movement must support the bill,” he said.

O’Neill said that the current government was the only one  that had made an attempt to introduce such legislation.

“No other government has ever done this.”

PM: some MPs ‘instant millionaires’ after becoming promoted

O'Neill made these  comments at a press conference this morning in Port Moresby but did not mention names. 

"Some of us have to work hard for our businesses and struggle for many years to become who we are today. It is not easy. It is about hard work.

 "There are no easy solutions in life." O'Neill says his government is confident that despite speculations of the vote of no confidence, they will still intact to continue to serve the people of this great nation. 

Our PM and wife call on Japan’s royal couple

Issues of mutual concern and interest were shared between the Prime Minister and Mrs Babao-O’Neill and Japan’s Emperor and Empress as the couples enjoyed tea.

Speaking after the visit, Mr O’Neill said the discussion was enlightening and he appreciated the interest shown by the Emperor and Empress in Papua New Guinea.

"I appreciate the strong support and interest the Emperor and Empress have in the relationship between Japan and Papua New Guinea,”  O’Neill said.

UBS Papua New Guinea 'deal': respected figures question PM Peter O'Neill's role

The former leaders called a press conference in Port Moresby on Monday afternoon to slam Mr O'Neill for "bulldozing" the UBS arrangements through government agencies and exposing the PNG people to "huge" risks and costs.

UBS loan was to clean up Somare mess: PM

O’Neill was responding to an extensive article about the USB loan published by Fairfax Media.

The article titled “How Oil Search deal found trouble in Papua New Guinea” was written by John Garnaut Asia Pacific editor for Fairfax Media and published by the Fairfax media. .

The article showed confidential documents and minutes of meetings leading up to the signing of the UBS loan.

Vaki sentence submission next week

 Vaki was found guilty of contempt by the National Court yesterday for willfully refusing to execute a warrant of arrest against Prime Minister Peter O'Neill last year.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia allowed the release on Vaki on his own recognizance.

This means no bail money needs to be paid to the court.

It is an obligation of record; entered into before a court whereby the party bound acknowledges (recognizes) that they owe a personal debt to the state.

Vaki’s submissions for sentence will be done by John Griffin from Queen’s Council next Thursday.