Prime Minister Peter O'Neill

Parties told to file statements in UBS Reference

Lawyers representing the Ombudsman Commission, Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, the Attorney General and the State appeared before the Supreme Court today and were directed to file statements within the next two weeks that will be used in the case hearing.

Former Chief Ombudsman Rigo Lua and former Acting Chief Ombudsman Phoebe Sangetari are also parties in this case as interveners.

They were all directed to return to court on Oct 3 where the draft index book is expected to be settled before a hearing date for the Supreme Court Special Reference is set.

Polye tells Maru to leave trade war with foreign affairs

Its leader Don Polye described the row as an ‘embarrassment for PNG’.

“The Prime Minister and his Trade Minister should leave the matter with the Foreign Affairs Minister, whose department has the capacity and systematic memory to deal with it within the protocols of conventions and agreements.

“It should have easily been dealt with amicably without any complications through the diplomatic channels,” said Polye.

He said PNG is a ‘big brother’ among the Melanesian countries, adding it lodging a trade row with Fiji only reflected naivety and incompetency.

All imported medical drugs are tested, says PM

The PM was responding to questions from Northern Governor Gary Juffa in Parliament yesterday because the Health Minister Michael Malabag did not attend the sitting.

Juffa, in a series of questions, asked if the Prime Minister was aware that antiretroviral drugs used to treat HIV patients in public hospital had stocks that will last for two months only.

He also asked why a medical laboratory, announced two years ago to test imported drugs, is yet to be built, and if the government had plans to help Papua New Guineans seek treatment of cancer.  

PM O’Neill: Sale of NHC houses on hold

This followed concerns raised in Parliament yesterday by Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa of NHC controversial evictions of residents in Goroka.

Kimisopa told the House of how NHC is evicting long time public servants from their homes.         

“It’s inhuman and illegal and cannot happen like that because a number of these citizens served in the public service for 20 to 30 years, and have paid fortnightly for 20-30 years.

State joins UBS reference case

State was granted leave to join in court on Monday during directions hearing. Other parties in the case are Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, the Ombudsman Commission, former Chief Ombudsman Rigo Lua, Acting Chief Ombudsman Phoebe Sangetari and Attorney-General Ano Pala.

The matter is expected back in court on Sept 5 for further directions, before a date for the hearing can be set.

On Aug 1, the high court received facts surrounding constitutional questions in the K3 billion UBS loan reference.

NDA pleased with response to WHP Health Authority petition

The petition highlighted allegation of corruption and mismanagement at Western Highlands Provincial Health Authority.

NDA along with the PNG Nurses Association have expressed their appreciation and gratitude to Prime Minister Peter O'Neill who effectively responded to their petition.

O’Neill made the decision and directed that Chairman of WHPHA, David Guinn to step aside and that a new Board be constituted and assembled, and a new chief executive officer appointed by this 'new' Board.

Delayed wages for councillors partly blamed on failed elections

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said in Parliament last week that councilors who didn’t complete the election process and also disputes in many provinces had caused complications.

He said those failed elections were not conducted and there have been problems including some disputes and court cases that have delayed the payment of wages.

O’Neill said that he will get the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Provincial and Local Level Governments Leo Dion to make a statement at a later time to give a more detail on the issue.

PM O’Neill convey’s best wishes to ‘Our Olympians’

Prime Minister O’Neill said representing Papua New Guinea at the Olympic level is a tremendous honour and all athletes will carry the pride of the nation with them.

"Go for gold in Rio, but even if you don’t win a medal, so long as you do your best your country will be proud.

“You carry the goodwill of the nation with you, and are role models for our youth.

“It is a great honour you have representing your country and we know that you will serve us proud.

“While at the Olympics you will be ambassadors for Papua New Guinea.

Activist Anjo congratulates O'Neill on political victory

Anjo, who is leader of NGO group People’s Power Movement, said however, O’Neill’s victory was a political one.

He said as far as the NGOs, civil society groups and other likeminded groups were concerned: “The fight is not over,” Anjo told Loop PNG.

“Our call is for him to step down from the post of Prime Minister,” the activist stated.

“That demand still stands for him to step down or hand himself in to police for questioning.”

O’Neill hiding behind smokescreen over state of PNG’s economy: Mekere

In a media statement, Sir Mekere said O’Neill should come out and tell the truth about public finances and his mismanagement of them.

Sir Mekere said O’Neill’s boast about the 9 percent annual GDP growth were both wrong and misleading.

“Papua New Guinea’s annual GDP growth is not 9 percent per annum, as he says. Nor is GDP growth alone the answer to our problems, as he imagines.

“People do not eat GDP. We consume the goods and services that we have converted from GDP, and this is what we are lacking.”