Manus Asylum Center

VIDEO: Manus center demolition begins amid skepticism and frustration

This comes after demolitions of the Manus Regional processing centre take effect.


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Guards transferred from Nauru incited Manus riot – refugee

About 60 asylum seekers and guards came to blows after an argument over food quality.

Security guards injured on Nauru, Manus Island not entitled to work cover

Michael Beaumont and Simon Scott were placed on travel insurance rather than work cover by Wilsons Security during their time at the centres.

It was only when both men were injured that they discovered they were not entitled to work cover and they claim the travel insurance company, Accident and Health Insurance, has refused to adequately cover them for their injuries.

Mr Beaumont sustained a shoulder injury when he broke up a fight between two asylum seekers during a meal break on Manus Island, something that he said was commonplace in the detention centre.

Guard departs Manus Island after alleged assault

Australia's Refugee Action Coalition said the guard stopped the Iranian man from moving between different parts of the compound and assaulted him when he objected.

The coalition's spokesperson Ian Rintoul said it's not the first time staff from the centre had been flown home before they could be questioned by PNG police.

"Even in circumstances where other people, detainees, have made complaints about guards and have been able to identify guards, most often they've been allowed to depart the island without any follow up police investiagtion," said Mr Rintoul.

Canberra ignores PNG court, rules out return of detainees

Two weeks ago, PNG's Supreme Court ruled that Canberra's detention of hundreds of refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island since 2013 was unconstitutional.

However, Australia has to date failed to act on the ruling, suggesting its detainees are PNG's concern.

In a radio interview, Turnbull said his government was in talks with Cambodia and other unspecified countries in efforts to find a home for the detainees.

He confirmed that he had been in talks with New Zealand which offered his and previous Australian governments to take 300 of the refugees.

Detainees celebrate free movement in centre

The Manus Island detention centre is made up of internally-secured accommodation compounds, which for the past two weeks have been used to separate detainees based on whether their refugee claims had succeeded.

Detainees said there were celebrations after internal gates were opened about 11.30pm on Thursday night, allowing them to move about and see their friends.

The perimeter gates remain locked and detainees cannot leave the centre, but they also say security staff have told them they are now allowed to possess and use mobile phones, which were previously banned.

Killers of Asylum seeker on Manus given 10 years

Reza Barati, was 23 when he was beaten to death during rioting in the Manus Island Detention centre in February 2014.

Two men Joshua Kaluvia and Louie Efi were today found guilty of Barati's murder by PNG's national court and sentenced to 10 years' jail, with five years suspended.

With time already served, the pair will be released in a little over three years.

The court heard Kaluvia who worked with the Salvation army Barati with a piece of wood with a nail embedded in it in the head repeatedly.

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Peter O’Neill calls Manus centre a problem that should end

Papua New Guinea's prime minister says Australia's asylum seeker detention centre on Manus Island is a problem that has damaged his country's reputation.

Sirinumu water level at critical stage

PNG PM calls Manus centre a problem that should end

Addressing the National Press Club during a visit to Canberra, Mr O'Neill also said the facility must eventually close, saying people can't remain on Manus forever.

The newspaper, The Age, reports him saying his government cannot afford to resettle those found to be refugees, fuelling concern that many more men will continue to languish on the remote northern island.

Since 2013 Manus has been hosting hundreds of asylum seekers who attempted to reach Australia before being intercepted by its naval forces and transferred to Manus for offshore processing.

Court told, Manus detention centre constitutionally invalid

The challenge has been launched by an Iranian man who is fighting the legality of his removal from Christmas Island to Papua New Guinea (PNG) after he claimed asylum.

His lawyers say the Government's offshore processing laws set up a situation where the international convention on refugees could be ignored.

The minister is required to consider assurances about the treatment of asylum seekers, but these do not have to be legally binding.