Prime Minister Peter O'Neill

PM inspects Wutung Border Post

They were greeted on arrival by the Wutung Primary School Headmaster, Evan Misih.

The Prime Minister met with officials on the ground to discuss border security issues and inspect the facility that was built but has been sitting idle with no electricity connected.

Disappointed with the state of the facility, the PM said he will send a team next week to attend to the issues at Wutung.

“Maintaining security on the border is in the national interest of Papua New Guinea and Indonesia,” the Prime Minister said.

Russia to open embassy in PNG

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill made the announcement on Saturday, November 17th, when meeting with the Russian leaders.

He added that PNG will also establish an embassy in Russia.

According to Britannica, the country of Russia stretches over a vast expanse of eastern Europe and northern Asia.

It is quite similar to PNG with its richness of resources that only the very wealthy and powerful benefit from.

Just like China and Western countries, Russia also enjoys the same strained relationship.

Enga prepares to welcome governors

The Governors’ conference will start tomorrow followed by the signing of the Enga Autonomy on Friday, October 19th.

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill will be signing the autonomy agreement on Friday.

Minister for Inter Government Relations Kevin Isifu and other government delegations will be travelling into Enga today on a chartered plane.

Other governors who will also be attending the Governors’ conference are WNB Governor Sasindran Muthuvel, Madang Governor Peter Yama and New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan.

More update to come...

LLG elections deferred, K70m outstanding

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill indicated in parliament yesterday that NEC will approve the submission for LLG Elections deferral when they meet this Thursday.

The submission to defer the Local Level Government elections is necessary because there are outstanding issues the Government needs to address; this includes the outstanding allowances for Council Presidents.

Enga Province is among the provinces affected, prompting the Governor, Peter Ipatas, to ask for the confirmation of the election dates in parliament.

Bougainville cheque cleared: PM

PM O'Neill was responding to an article in Radio New Zealand International which reported ABG President, John Momis, saying the $US1.49 million cheque had bounced back.

O'Neill told this newsroom that the cheque needs a letter from secretary finance to clear it, considering fraudulent cheques are being printed by various departments.

“Their finance people know that they need the letter, am told by finance that it is cleared.”

VIDEO: Pollution Issues in South Fly

This comes after South Fly MP Sekie Agisa raised concerns of continued legacy issues including pollution by the mine causing health problems for his people.

He termed it as a Mine Genocide.

Govt toughens up on illegal use of firearms

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has announced that the National Executive Council has formally endorsed amendments to the Firearms Act that will increase penalties for offenders, and will work with the Government's commitment to modernise the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.

In making the announcement, the Prime Minister said there is no excuse for the illegal use of firearms, so criminals caught with weapons will be sentenced to long periods in jail and pay a significant amount of money in fines.

PM’s arrest warrant quashed

A three-man Supreme Court bench today unanimously found the warrant defective and the District Court's decision to issue it as well.

The court found that lack of care was applied by the District Court in issuing the warrant.

There was no information put on the form to get a warrant. The date on which the information was laid was blank. Even the word 'Independent' was spelt wrong on the form.

The court further found that the wrong form was used in applying for the warrant.

O'Neill arrives in Vietnam for APEC Summit 2017

The PM was escorted from Da Nang International airport under heavy security to Novotel airport.

His first official engagement will be on November 10th, when he chairs a session with the 21 APEC leaders.

O’Neill will also have meetings with US President, Donald Trump, China and other leaders.

The Vietnamese President and chair of the APEC Summit 2017, Tran Dai Quang, will officially hand over the chair to O'Neill on Friday.

PNG will host the APEC Summit in 2018.

VIDEO: Sabama supports PM

Despite continuous criticisms, he said his government has delivered and transformed Papua New Guinea, and hosted some international events like never before.

Mr O'Neill said his government will continue to develop the country including fulfilling the promise to host APEC Summit in 2018.

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