Prime Minister Peter O'Neill

Juffa volunteers to shut down illegal logging activities


In a video post on Facebook, Juffa said if the Government was serious about cancelling SABLs then they must do so by physically shutting down illegal logging operations.

“Now the Government is saying it’s going to cancel the SABLs, I’m not convinced, I’m cynical,” says Juffa. “I want to see it really happen.

O’Neill extends sympathies to Ganasi’s family, South Fly

In a statement, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says: “To the Late Member’s family, and the people of South Fly, I offer on behalf of our Government, our party and our people, our condolences and sympathies.

“The Leader, as a Member of this Honourable House, served with great distinction and great honour.

“The death of a sitting Member is always a very sad occasion for the Parliament.

“Today we lost a colleague and a friend.”

PM to make statement on Member's death

South Fly MP Aide Ganasi died from a suspected heart failure.

His body is currently at the Pacific International Hospital in Port Moresby.

O'Neill was accompanied by the Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari, Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch, Planning Minister Charles Abel, Trade Minister Richard Maru, Higher Education Minister Francis Marus and local Middle Fly MP Roy Biyama.

They paid their respect to the late MP a few minutes ago at PIH.

Late Ganasi was a member of the People's National Congress in this term of Parliament.

PM questions Polye’s motives

These are the same senseless attacks the Opposition Leader made against the Pacific Games in 2015, stated the PM.

“The Leader of the Opposition is the most reckless and selfish individual that we have ever seen in the political history of this nation,” the Prime Minister said.

“He stands in the Parliament and says if he was Prime Minister he would cancel APEC in 2018.

“Well, he will be lucky to win in his seat of Kandep let alone to win Government, so no one has to worry about his threat.

Lupari tells public servants to change their attitudes

When addressing the staff of the Department of Health on Friday, October 14, Lupari said one of the major problems in the public service is the attitude towards work.

“There is a don’t-care attitude and no sense of responsibility amongst the public servants at all levels.

“This is affecting service delivery to our people and implementation of Government’s policies such as health, education, law and order, infrastructure and empowerment of our people,” said Lupari.

He said public servants must not blame the Government.

Parties disagree to documents in index books

This is the special reference that was referred to the Supreme Court by Justice Catherine Davani on Jan 28, 2015 over certain constitutional questions surrounding the alleged improper borrowing of K3 billion loan from the Union Bank of Switzerland AG by the Government.

A total of 11 questions were referred to the Supreme Court for interpretation.

PM’s warrant judicial review books re-opened

The Waigani National Court today allowed for the review books that were filed on April 1, 2016 to be re-opened and re-done.

A two week adjournment was sought by the Prime Minister and Police Commissioner’s lawyers to re-do the books which was granted by the court.

The plaintiffs, Commissioner Baki and PM O’Neill’s lawyers will now have two weeks to produce a draft revised review book. The matter will return to court on Oct 31.

Date to hear Polye’s standing in UBS case to be set

 This is in the case Opposition Leader Don Polye re-filed, challenging the legality of the government’s decision to acquire the K3 billion from the Union Bank of Switzerland.

Polye’s lawyer, Loani Henao, appeared before Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia today for directions.

The Court was told the appeal books that would be used in the case had not been filed yet.

Sir Salamo issued directions for parties to compile the application books before the court hears arguments on whether Polye can bring such application before the Supreme Court.

O’Neill thanks China for Centre

O’Neill was represented by Minister for Sports and National events Justin Tkatchenko at the official opening yesterday in Port Moresby.

Delivering his (O’Neil’s) speech at the event, Tkatchenko said the International Convention Centre was seen in media around the world and displayed another example of the development of PNG as a nation that is changing.

“Already this building has hosted two major APEC events and a regional judges conference this year that tested the facility and was widely praised by our international visitors.

O'Neill asks PNG to reflect on Sept 11 attacks

“Terrorism is an unfortunate reality and has been for the history of the modern world in one form or another,” the Prime Minister said in a statement.

"With every generation, new threats evolve and we rely on our security forces to be vigilant and proactive.

“Today (yesterday), people around the world mourn the deaths of 3,000 people on September 11 in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania in 2001.

“Those killed in the September 11 terror attacks were from all religions and from many countries.