ABG President

Toroama new ABG President

In a statement, Marape said he is looking forward to working with President-elect Toroama in progressing consultations on the outcome of the recent referendum and securing long-term economic development and a lasting peace for the people of Bougainville.  

He will be meeting with President-elect Toroama in the coming weeks to discuss next steps with a view to convening a meeting of the Joint Supervisory Body to affirm our mutual commitment to peace and the way forward. 

Vote for independence, urges Momis

ABG President Dr John Momis made this statement during the final part of the week long Bougainville Referendum Roadshow in Buka Town.

“As your leader I urge you all to vote for option two and that is independence,” President Momis said.

“Having a result that presents a unified Bougainvillean choice gives Bougainville leaders the negotiating power to negotiate with the National Government.”

President Momis explains referendum

ABG President, Dr John Momis, made this statement during a recent special Parliamentary Sitting of the Bougainville House of Representatives.

“The world will be watching, and the actions of all of us in this House will be held to account. We must therefore ensure that we manage these expectations,” Momis said.

“The referendum is a milestone, but it will not lead to any immediate outcome. The day after the referendum the hard work of negotiation must begin,” Momis added.

Bougainville cheque cleared: PM

PM O'Neill was responding to an article in Radio New Zealand International which reported ABG President, John Momis, saying the $US1.49 million cheque had bounced back.

O'Neill told this newsroom that the cheque needs a letter from secretary finance to clear it, considering fraudulent cheques are being printed by various departments.

“Their finance people know that they need the letter, am told by finance that it is cleared.”

ABG’s joint body meeting set for December

ABG President Dr John Momis, in a special parliament convened last week to discuss the JSB, said some of the agendas are outstanding from previous meetings while others are focused on the referendum preparations.

The referendum preparations will be a dominant issue of discussion in the JSB and with the recent formation of the Bougainville Referendum Commission, there is an urgency to operationalise it.

Developing agriculture sector a priority

ABG President, John Momis said that South Bougainville has taken a lead with developing its primary industries with support from foreign investors to operate on with equal benefit sharing arrangements as per Bougainville’s Inward Investment Act.

Momis said that in areas that are lacking, the ABG has always encouraged partnerships between locals and credible foreign investors who can contribute meaningfully to Bougainville’s economy.